In the silent, I wonder
In the still, I fear
I ponder and Question,
where does this race lead ,
what’s its essence anyway.
Life and its questions...
I see just to find,
I look just to know,
what’s this amazing toil all about,
when will this painful gain end,
Where do these paths lead
and when will the truth be revealed.
It seems to me like an endless game,
like a battle that only ends in death,
though we’re told otherwise.
The facts are clear,
its results never the same,
a key works Today,
And tomorrow not anymore,
Tides keep changing.
The clock keeps ticking
Miss a second and its lost forever
What then, for minutes and years?
I pause, just to free,
The haunting and plaguing thoughts
For though The fight to live
Through this ever evolving race,
I know there’s One who knows.
Though many times I don’t understand,
But I trust He who does,
And since He holds my Heart.
So I can take a sigh,
Cos that’s the part of me,
that truly lives.
  • Summer-Ice…


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