ABOUT Summer-Ice World


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SUMMER-ICE WORLD stems out of the  vision of a young woman,  who lives to see people smile through their pains ,finding joy,hope and strength to thrive not just survive. Fola Adeyemi , is a young woman who is passionate about life and the best that can be made of it. she lives by the vision of love as it encompasses all areas of life.

Passionate about helping to find the strength in us that we need to make the best and more of the worst and best circumstances of life. This motivation stems out of the fact that we all need a hand of Love when life turns us down. Depression is real, and several of us suffer in silence, but together we can live through. We can’t just live life merely surviving, but truly THRIVING, Truly SOARING.

Philosophy, ‘life is tough, may times very unfair, but we’re as eagles,strong enough to soar amidst the storms and dare to reach the heights that life never encourages you to. Believes that through the WORST, can come the BEST, but it all depends on not how hard,but how well we try.

Now, i really want to keep writing on and on, cos i just love writing, so please bear with me a little longer, I’l try to be as concise as possible.

By the way I’m writing this with so much joy, because I’m just so blessed to know you’re reading this, and smiling…

SUMMER-ICE WORLD ministers life, hope, love and creativity through varying means ranging from writing, speaking, graphical representations,narrations, shot clips, etc

If you are reading this now, you are a PRODIGY.[take some time to think about that]. So keep on smiling cos sorrow frowns when you smile.


14 thoughts on “ABOUT Summer-Ice World

  1. Summer-Ice World, Ms Adeyemi, you brought a smile to my face.
    Few people ever soar with Eagles, because few people are ever truly happy.
    A winner never “trys” to do anything, and “luck” is an imaginary word, a losers word.
    You are a truly special person and your site is a reflection of this special person.
    Please, hold tightly to the goodness within yourself.
    Reach, reach for the stars, always and all ways.
    And, the answer is yes, I fly, everyday, since I was a boy.
    When I feel like it, I soar with Eagles.
    My Father was an Eagle, as is my Little Brother.
    I am, and have always been a Bull, The Blackhorn.
    Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

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    • Wow, your words affect me in a way I cant totally explain. There’s nothing like motivation in time of need. Thanks a whole lot. God bless you. Never stop breaking through and soaring, never stop telling failure and depression it has no place in you. And never stop helping others.All the best and more!

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