I decided to take a jolly ride this morning and explore one of my most loved passions, houses! It may seem mundane to some, but I actually love buildings that rock! And I’m not just referring to large sized extravagant buildings, but particularly beautifully constructed houses; incredible architecture, breathe taking exterior designs, splendid interior, creative looks, mmmnn… count me in.

Some people are head over heels for automobiles, fast cars, or what have you. I on the other hand,do love good cars, but my love for cars can in no way stand my love for exotic, eccentric buildings, and gorgeous interiors. I just love them to rock from the outside in and vice versa. Like every you turn the house just makes you go wooooooow!

If you don’t yet understand what i’m talking just sit tight and enjoy the ride. The images below would give you a peep into my passion for gorgeous buildings.

Enjoy the ride.

 For me, this house design is just absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful grand piano and violin shaped building. Wait till you see it lit up at night.  Someone’s got to give me this for my next birthday present!

I totally love this one. Wait to see the expression on faces when they come visiting, and their like, uh…?


Don’t you just love to walk up these stairs and straight into your living room, looking more like…

maxresdefault (1)



with an amazing ocean view, right in your living room. or better still… 

the royal look…


or, the round hole sitting area.round sitting room cushion chairs

  Now let’s progress into other parts of the house. Don’t you just love the view


 And this gorgeous pool area.

Bedrooms that are just so adorable

amazing-interior-design-ideas-for-home-bedroom aquarium blue 27



The kids’ roomtumblr_m9w7ewHNAT1r57nsjo5_1280


and lastly,



Wait! There’s more. Check out these crazily unique and mind blowing house designs and these small  but beautiful house designs that help get the most out of small land, room or home spaces.


Your opinion could be the ICE breaker, so please do leave a comment.

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