You don’t own me 2 (Poem)

You don’t own me 2 is the 2nd part of a poem I started in 2016 during one of the most depressing times of my life.

 You don’t own me 1 was written out of the depths of my heart as inspired by the decision I made to live life to the fullest despite and breakthrough all I was going through.  See You don’t own me 1

About a year later, You don’t own me 2 speaks of the results of that decision and gives a peep into the journey so far.

You don’t own me 2

Hello Pain, it‘s been a while now. Isn’t it?

You really made me feel like I’ll never break free from your claws

I’m glad I didn’t give in to your lies

It feels more real than ever now

I’m grateful I didn’t give up

Now I see you from afar

And though you still come knocking

I know better how to deal with you

I’m walking free

A work in progress still

But better than ever

And I want the world to know

That I conquered you

By looking up to JOY

And holding tight to her

JOY, I’m grateful for you

I was so deep in misery

I didn‘t see you by my side all the while

I searched and yearned desperately for you

Only to find you were with me all the while

And even after I found you,

I didn‘t know how to really walk free from depression

Every time it struck harder

I felt like you didn‘t exist

I couldn‘t help the pain

But gradually I’d hear your soft whispers

Calling out to me

Telling me I’d be alright

If only I would Believe

And for every time I listened to you

I gradually began to see you, and feel you, and know you

And love you

Now I’m never going back

Never letting pain back

And I want the world to know

That this boat is free for all to join.

Note: You can break free from depression and everything that’s weighing you down and live life to the fullest one day at a time.

It may seem impossible at first. Like there’s no way out. But the first step is to ‘Believe’, and hold tight to your new found courage. Joy becomes your best friend when you open your heart to it and keep embracing her no matter how hard your heart is battered. Seek help if need be. But most importantly,  start Believing and seeing yourself free , happy and joyous. You deserve to be free. There’s an amazing You yearning to be unleashed.

Jesus Loves You


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