Amara was bae!! She had been so amazing, she had taken the whole wedding planning burden off her mind. She saw things coming together, it would be a great day, she had no regrets about handing things over to her to take care of, so to reward her, she had let herself into Amara’s apartment to make her favorite meal of spaghetti and chicken properly garnished with vegetables, sweet corn and hotdogs, and a very chilled bottle of her favorite wine, Martinellis. She knew Amara wasn’t as okay about the wedding as she let on, hangouts, especially sleepovers will be rare if at all after she was married. She had planned a last sleepover for them before she ties the knot and has no time to do so. She was the best friend a girl could ask for. Amara had always been the brilliant one, Miss Vast as she called her, she knew a little bit about everything, a total nerd but for the impeccable fashion sense. Adesuwa chuckles to herself, they couldn’t have their wish to get married on the same day, that sadden her a little, but she knew Amara wasn’t ready for marriage although she thought she was, for someone who was nerd, Amara avoided spiritual books, Christian relationship books and messages like the plague, avoided relationship programs no matter who the author or speaker is. She couldn’t go on like that or her marriage would just be a disaster waiting to happen.
Ade hears the honking of the horn and goes to hide as the gates are opened and she hears Amara pull into the compound. In a few minutes, she hears Amara’s lovely voice singing as she waltz into the house. She seemed to be in a good mood and was dancing, suddenly she stops the singing and begins sniffing, she stops at the entrance of the kitchen and begins to laugh.
“You can come out now thou food fairy, that has come to grant my food craving wishes, Ade, you really should stop walking around barefoot, your slippers that you pulled off in my living room just  gave you away.” she adds laughing as Ade comes out of hiding behind the couch and throws her hands up in surrender.
Amara rushes to the kitchen, moves to the gas cooker top where the pot is and opens it, upon seeing its contents, she exclaims.
“Oh! “ begins to speak in tongues
“You have ministered to the woman of God, come, let me lay leg on you and invoke the blessings.” Ade kneels chuckling
“G  ooooo d bless you!! My God bless you sister” she attempts to lift her leg atop Ade’s head, Ade ducks and pulls her leg, causing her to fall to the ground laughing.
“You too like play Amara, let me dish the food so we would eat abi you now prefer the cold version of your favorite meal.”
“For where, let’s go to the kitchen, I am famished, let me gather strength so I can kill you slowly, seriously babe, what were you thinking when you sent Claire my way?”
“That both of you would mend the rift between you and be friends.”
“Friends !!” Amara chokes on the wine she is sipping, while Adesuwa pats her back to ease her.
“You wee not kill me, you this girl!”
“You guys would get along just try and make the effort, she isn’t that bad, remember you are a child of God, you have God’s love in you so you shouldn’t struggle to show the love.” Amara rolls her eyes
“ Ade my voice of conscience, fine, I will try to show love to her cos you haff try to dey show me love even when I can be really annoying, you are my ideal example”
“Correct!! I am proud of you dear.”
Just then Ade’s phone rings as Amara scoops the spaghetti into her mouth and squeals with delight with her mouthful.
“Don’t choke o,” Ade looks at her with concern in her eyes, she waves her off to answer her phone call.
Amara looks through her facebook page and a post she sees turns her blood cold, Iyke was getting engaged to Fiona their assistant music director in church when she thought they had gotten really close as he stayed close by and they went to church together whether in his car or hers and sat together especially before she joined the choir, they always left church together, everyone thought them a couple, they hung out together sometimes, she wondered whether he ever thought of her as someone he could have a relationship with or did she push him away somehow?
Dare, the head usher then had gotten into the picture somehow and church fellas also speculated that they were together as they got close too. Church folks talked too much, two people of the opposite sex couldn’t be friends without them saying they were in a relationship.
Ade walks back to the table smiling.
“Someone on the line is itching to speak with you”
“No” Amara whispers
“I am not in the mood” Ade observing that Amara wasn’t bluffing moves close to the window.
“I am sorry love, please call back tomorrow something has come up.” She goes to sit beside her friend.
“Amarachi, what’s wrong? Did somebody die?” Amara shakes her head, eyes misty.
“No oo, you better don’t let those tears drop o, it is our last sleepover, it is supposed to be joyous, what’s trying to ruin our night na” Amara hands her phone over.
“Ouch!! I thought you didn’t have feelings for him, Amara, I thought it was Dare now”
“I was keeping my options open, Iyke didn’t say anything about a relationship or feelings for that matter and Dare came along, he didn’t hide his feelings, he has been pretty loud about them.”
“Then why aren’t you with Dare either, he is a great guy and why are you currently sulking about Iyke’s engagement?”
“I don’t know anything anymore Ade, Iyke was a guy I thought I would end up with, everything is going to be so awkward, never knew he fancied Fiona to that extent, and he never said anything, he asked me about Dare sometime and I told him, I wasn’t considering accepting his proposal as I just wasn’t that into Dare but I couldn’t sit there and conclude that he felt something when he never said so, remember how hurt I got the last time I drew that sort of conclusion back in school, with that guy in my fellowship. How long it took to heal. I couldn’t bear it a second time. I can’t explain how I feel sef, my emotions are just flying about”. Amara sobs into Adesuwa’s shoulder.
“It is alright Amara, I have told you severally, you need to be patient darling, your man will find you.”
“I am tired Ade, it is dragging, everyone is on my case, especially with you getting married and all, I just want the guy to come so it can end, tired of getting close to this guy or that only to have him choose to be with someone else afterwards, I want my own lovestory, Adesuwa.”
“Be patient and get busy.”
“Busy? How more busy can I get with your wedding plans and my insane work schedule.”
“Amara you have  refused to gain knowledge concerning purpose, relationship or marriage, you have a library filled with a vast array of books on all manner of things but none on this three key things which you need know about at this time, spend this time to explore those areas, get knowledge, discover purpose, that’s what you should be busy doing, it is more than that your job that you are killing yourself for, discover purpose , get into fellowshipping with God and quit religion, know God for yourself so he can reveal purpose to you, dear friend.”
“Fine, it is not like I get half the things you said, but I will certainly stop sulking and move on, plus the Chicken is getting cold.” She smiles through her tears and digs into the chicken.
Ade shakes her head.
“I like to think and pray that yours is not a hopeless case, Amara.” Amara waves her off.
“So who was on the phone?”
“eermm, judging by your present state emotionally, I don’t think I should tell you now”
“Ade tell me now, it can’t be worse than knowing that the official announcement for Iyke and Fiona will be made tomorrow in service and I will be there to witness it, with all the choristers in a frenzy, cheering her and saying their hearty congratulations.”
“That’s enough proof that you aren’t over this yet.”
“Doctor Phil, I am not wearing pampers you know,” Ade laughs as she clears the dishes, Amara stands up to join her but she gestures for her to return to her seat, as she takes the dishes to the kitchen to wash.
“So what is your choir uniform for tomorrow, Amara?” Ade calls from the kitchen.
“Karen says ushers are to wear biro blue, I don’t have that color, that’s your forte so I will rummage your wardrobe till I find it, love.”
“Yes your majesty, Choir is wearing orange skirt, black jacket and our orange poker dot mufflers.”
“Hmmmm, all hail Miss fashionista, the Uniform coordinator Amara chuckles
She notices Ade’s phone on the table, picks it up and checks the call log, her face drains of color as she sees the name of her caller and slowly puts down the phone.
“Shit!!” she exclaims swallowing the last of her wine.


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