​God is outside of time and your faith in him brings you into this timeless zone.”

                                         – Joseph Prince
The time you are most prepared for dating is when you don’t need anyone to complete you, fulfill you, or instill in you a sense of worth or purpose.” 

                                         -Miles Munroe
“Everywhere you look you see people searching for love… but they’re looking in the wrong places. God is love, and they will never find what they’re looking for until they find Him.”
                                              – Joyce Meyer
The whole wedding planning was exhausting, she had made two stops already,one to the florist,another to the bridal shop,and now she was at Kira’s,for cake tasting.One would think it was her wedding,as she answered so many calls and had to meet with so many vendors.She wasn’t a professional events planner but Adesuwa knew it was just her thing.She could plan in her sleep just name the event.It was why she trusted her with her wedding planning,” wedding coordinating” as she put it when Amara tried to protest.

Amara would have declined though if it was someone else but this was her bestie’s wedding,she had the blueprint of Adesuwa’s dream wedding so who better than her could make it come true.She was so excited about the wedding because,someone finally got Ade to say “Yes” and next weekend she would be,”Mrs Somebody”.
Everyone thought her a hopeless cause as she kept turning down one guy after the other,some talk about purpose and spirituality which no one could really grasp.These were Amara’s kind of guys,rich,intelligent,handsome,what more could a girl ask for.She couldn’t understand what Ade was really looking for that she was willing to wait no matter the length of time for.
She was older than Ade about two years as Ade had just hit the much dreaded silver jubilee age,twenty-five,the wedding was timely as in a year’s time she would have wound up like her,fed-up,frustrated as hopes of a relationship beginning gets dashed or a relationship which actually begun coming to an abrupt end for painful reasons like the guy was playing her or the guy bolts when he realizes he can’t get past foreplay with her when it comes to sex.They called it her twisted display of chastity,she termed it using her head,not her heart.She didn’t want to wind up like some of her girlfriends in the university who lost their virginity to some guy,only to have him leave them to marry a virgin,while they hopped from one guy’s bed to the other trying to find some semblance of love.She would have none of that but she was gradually getting weak in the resolve,even the sluttish girls she knew growing up were happily married with kids.
Her life was a total bore, crazy work-hours and she hated the job cos it allowed her no spare time for herself but like dad would say,who cared about sentimental things like “Me time” with a promising job in a multi-national, and with a salary like hers, her parents and cousins were well off.Ade was the bright light in that dark universe of hers, the kind of best friend every girl wished to have,she was there for her through thick and thin, their friendship had survived distance and time lapse.She was really going to miss their sleepovers and hang-outs, but she was happy for her friend, Kunle was a great guy,her friend had found love.
Love that Amara craved for too,along with a beautiful relationship a wonderful marriage, her own happy-ever after,was that too much to ask?she had been with several guys in her lifetime,all just wanted sex.None wanted her for what was within, they all wanted a taste of her great body,curves and all,they didn’t care if she had a brain in her head or not.,all they cared about was that she looked good on their arm, a perfect paramour.They say it is the way of the world,she should get with the program.She had gotten to that point in her life where she wasn’t sure what she wanted anymore.
She had become the candidate for matchmakers,mum,sisters,friends,people in church,everyone trying to introduce her to this person or that,her mum was prepared to introduce her to every eligible bachelor coming into town for the wedding,she already had a list.Newsflash she wasn’t twenty anymore but twenty-seven,like someone put her life on complete fast forward and she was fast running out of time as she would soon hit thirty ,any chance of marriage happening for her will be history and she will die an old maid like her aunt, Nadia,”why can’t you just be like your sisters,don’t you talk with them,ask them for tips,they all got married before even twenty-four,”those were mum’s words to her after her twenty-seventh birthday party three months ago, she had cried her eyes out afterwards.
Her phone rings, jolting her out of her reverie.
“Amara speaking, how may I help you?”
“Amara it’s Ade jor, how many times have I told you to quit answering your phone like a receptionist.”
“Oh babes how far? I only answer phone calls from unknown numbers that way, why aren’t you calling with your number sef?”
“I am using Claire’s phone, you remember Claire, that my Britiko(British) cousin that you don’t like.”Amara groans inwardly as Ade chuckles.
“I hope you didn’t tell her that o! Ade.”
“No fear,I didn’t,but she knows though,it’s not like you hide it.”
“So what about her?” Amara asks rolling her eyes
“Well, turns out she’s taking event planning courses in the UK, when I told her you are the one planning the wedding,she got really excited and asked to intern with you for her project, I couldn’t help but say yes.”
“You said what!!”
“Babe calm down it isn’t as bad as you think,Claire is changed o! she is now more responsible, I promise, just give her second chance…”while Ade is still talking,Claire sashays into the cake shop,clad in a gown that is revealing far too much cleavage and cowboy boots with her plump figure,already getting stares from customers.Amara clenches her fist.
“Ha!! Ade, you are dead meat,which kind set up be this now,make i reach house,na to kill you throway,this one wey I dey see dey responsible ha!!”
“I am sorry dear, I forgot to say that she was already on her way, I have gotta run, spa treatment calls,boo booked us for 2pm,and Amara,go easy on her please.”
This was a nightmare, planning anything with Claire Tamuno was going to be like passing a camel through the eye of the needle.
“Thanks Ade,you rock!” she mutters to herself.
Claire was Ade’s thirty-one year old British-raised cousin , divorced last year as her husband caught her in bed with his chauffeur,she had since taken to eating a lot and sleeping with the next available male to cure her frustration.During their teenage years when she came to stay with Ade for the summer,she taunted Amara with how flat she was in contrast to her well rounded curves as Amara couldn’t wear a bra, she called her “table-top” and thus begun Amara’s strong dislike for her.They had a showdown at the pool party organized by Kunle and his friends at Christmas last year as Claire said she couldn’t keep a man as she always keeps her clothes on,locked to her body with a password that no one but her knew. Amara responded by calling Claire a “dirty baby elephant” and pushing her into the pool fully dressed.It was quite a scene,with two guys trying so hard to pull Claire out of the water because of her weight.Amara still couldn’t believe she did that,she chuckles at the memory.
Claire hasn’t seen her and is still trying to describe her to the receptionist,who points in her direction as she ducks behind the glass shelves.Kira walks over to her to ask if she has tasted any of the samples that is to her liking, she gestures for Kira to move away,Kira looks at her puzzled, she sees the cowboy boots behind her through the glass and realizes she has been found out,she turns around to face Claire feigning a smile.
“There you are, darling!! I have missed you girl,” she squeezes Amara into her embrace,almost suffocating her with her perfume and body mass in the process.”
As she releases her ,Amara catches her breathe and feigns a smile.
“Yeah, it’s been a while Claire?”Amara takes in her appearance with an icy look,making Claire swallow hard adjusting her dress and trying to cover her cleavage.Amara removes her muffler and tosses it at her.
Kira watches the whole scene whilst struggling hard not to laugh,Amara turns to Kira to respond to her question.
“I am sorry for the delay Kira, I think I have made a choice, the classic vanilla, chocolate and red velvet will do.”
Claire squeals with delight,as she downs the entire slice of the red velvet and classic vanilla samples.Amara rolls her eyes in disgust while Kira just chuckles.
“Just what I would have chosen, Mara!!” Amara clenches her fist.She had thought Claire used to call her that as a short form of her name until, she overheard Claire one day telling Ade she removed the A,to call her Mara,like the bitter water of Mara in the Bible because she was a bitter woman,too uptight.She had warned Claire sternly never to call her that or she will witness bitterness for real.Perhaps not sternly enough because she was back to calling her that.
She had to make this work though for Ade’s sake or it could mess the wedding plans up,she hadn’t come this far to ruin things because she couldn’t handle Claire.She had to call a truce.It had been a really long long day, Amara was dead beat.Claire was tired too,she watched her stifle a yawn.
“Ehrrm,Kira, let’s call it a day, I would tell Ade what we concluded on,Claire I am famished,I want to grab a bite to eat,will you come with?” She manages a genuine smile which shocks Claire as much as the gesture.
“Hmmm! Suddenly,you are acting really weird but I’ll come, I never turn down free food,I just hope it won’t be my last on earth.”Claire adjusts the muffler and sashays to the door.”
Amara smiled,she had her hands very full this period and she had Claire to deal with too,she needed all the strength she could gather as the week was about to get really really long.


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