All those years we told each other,

We were meant to be together

Nothing coming between us, never

Hearts together, now and forever

But as we grew, we grew apart.

Life as we knew it,

Was as our own fairytale

Running in the rain,

unclad and unashamed

Now we are grown and ashamed of our shadows.

We were never meant to be like this

Though our raggedy apparels,

We were royalty in our own eyes

Our smiles were as a royal robe over our hearts

And our laughter, as a crown over our heads

We seemed to others as zeroes

but together we were our own heroes

We think we’re grown now

Maturing into vanity

Living lives as a facade

Cloaking our hearts with nothing but vanity and want

An endless race to show off impressed impressions

Dissatisfaction that can never be fulfilled

Except by finding our true selves again

In the midst of the madness I’ve realized

That if the One who made me,

And all that exist,

Cares nothing about my spots and wrinkles

And all He desires,

Is my openness and trust,

Then what is it,

That I should be so mindful of,

At the cost of my priceless soul.

                                                                     – Summer-Ice


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