IF TIME WAS easily rewound as the hands of a CLOCK :Daniel & Taiwo

If time was easily rewound as the hands of a clock, i’lld simply turn back it’s hands and beg to give everything I have for this one thing, and maybe, just maybe, i won’t be sitting at this desk today, writing this tale of woe. I’ld have been catching your attention, as usual, with something much more interesting and fun. A selfie maybe, or loads of them, slapped all around our instagram and facebook walls, just as it was our custom.

It used to be our ‘thing’, Taiwo and I, our make-up routine. Instagramming and facebooking our joyful lives to show to ourselves how happy and grateful we truly were for the opportunity to be a part of each others’ lives.

Social media and selfies weren’t really my ‘thing’, neither Taiwo’s. It was just an hobby we developed out of the many lessons we learned from our counselling session with Mr Pecky. Something about being ‘deliberately’ happy and doing just about any little or big thing to keep the spark alive in our relationship. I can’t deny, our marriage became far better off when we started putting those lessons to practice. Not that it was really that easy. Most of those selfies were actually a part of our home-made therapy routine to ease the tension after a real big argument, as suggested by Mr Pecky of course. I thought it was a crazily useless idea at first, and almost impossible even to do such a thing as taking a ‘happy selfie’ {as Mr Pecky called it}, just after a ‘big argument’, when your adrenaline is still pumping angry nerves? Like, seriously? But when we tried it for the first time, it worked! Thanks to Taiwo of course, for her persistent push for peace after every storm between us. And so the spree began, and on and on we threw selfies all around social media, until it became our ‘thing’.

Looking through these selfies now, every selfie, every smile, a million memories hunt me deeply. I cant help but wonder if it was all for nothing, or if not, then what for? If Taiwo is still able to smile wherever she is now. If… Just if…

It was Sunday afternoon and we had just gotten back from church after a really elevating service. I pondered on what a wonderful blessing i had in a wife like Taiwo, as i consumed the sumptuous meal of rice and prawn sauce she had just prepared. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to tell her that.

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