IF TIME WAS easily rewound as the hands of a CLOCK :Daniel & Taiwo 3

Read Part 1 & 2 first: The story of Daniel and Taiwo

I Believe

With every passing moment,

And every tick of the clock,

With every baby bump I come across,

Or every tiny feet I see,

With every nuptial I witness,

Or every joyful couple I come across,

I’m reminded,

Of the life I once hoped for,

Without knowing,

That all I had already,

Was all I really needed

To be who I really wanted.

Now I Believe,

That all I’m left with now,

Is all and only possibilities.

And as I Believe,

I Believe you will Believe.

And as we Believe,

We ride on the wings of Possibilities

Through desserts of strife and Impossibilities,

To worlds of fulfilment and breakthroughs.

And nothing will be strong enough,

To take us down.

I Believe.

by Summer-Ice


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