IF TIME WAS easily rewound as the hands of a CLOCK :Daniel & Taiwo 2

Read Part 1 first

I devoured the meal in seconds. It was such a delight. “Honey!” I called out to her, “you really should come and eat before this food gets cold”. She replied me saying she didn’t feel like eating just immediately and just needed to relax for a few minutes. Minutes later, I sat in the living room watching tv, with Taiwo’s head on my laps, and within seconds she was fast asleep. Then i figured she must have been really tired.

At about 4pm exactly, i had a phone call from one of my biggest business associates who broke the good news to me. It was the news i had been awaiting for several months before. The news that was to change our lives and status for the best. I couldn’t wait to break the news to Taiwo. I was so eager and excited I almost woke her up. In the excitement, i touched her gently and realized she was running a temperature. I wondered about it but not for long. I just concluded it must be a little pregnancy fever that will disappear once she hears the good news.

Not long afterwards, I began fantasying on all the plans i and Taiwo had made for the better life, pending when we would be well resourced enough to carry them out. The time had finally come for us. And i couldn’t wait to unwrap all the big surprises i had planned for Taiwo, my lovely wife. I thought back to when and how we met, our funny engagement in a local restaurant that almost wrecked my engagement surprise, our cheap, hazardous but graceful wedding ceremony that had some friends and family members embarrassed for, how we had planned how and what our lives will be like in years after our wedding ceremony, how often we argued and disagreed over things that continually reminded us that we were not living our dreams and it really didn’t seem like anything was ever going to change, but now , behold, the good news!

Oh! And needless to say, Taiwo was finally pregnant and carrying my child, after six tough years of waiting, trying, crying, and hoping! I gradually slipped out of daydreaming to rub Taiwo’s belly and feel my baby when i felt her cold…

It was like my heart had stopped…

All I can remember is the very words that changed my life, “Daniel… She’s gone!”

My life was gone…

Read Part 1 first


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