She seemed so relaxed and happy for the firsr time since the tragedy.Tyler smiles to himself as he looks at her through the glass of the studio booth as she strums her guitar whilst singing her debute single “Unashamed”.She had been so strong through it all but above all God had seen them through the night till the break of dawn.She was so crazy about the gospel now it made his heart soar just seeing how much she had grown in the Lord in these few months since the tragedy.The concert was a huge success and her song “Unashamed”brought it to its peak.This girl is beautiful.God gave her beauty for ashes.A garment of praise in place of mourning.

“She is so beautiful”he muttered just loud enough to the hearing of her Father who he didn’t realize had been there for a while.

“Yes she most certainly is”.Tyler turns around and freezes as he meets her dad’s gaze.​


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