Just then the doctor rushes in,looking perturbed.
“Doc, anything the matter? ”
Wiping his brow he replies.
” You asked if she could be discharged today and after looking at the notes taking by the physical therapist, her leg looks good, she can go home, she would only need to keep from stressing it till it’s fully recovered and she still has a slight limp other than that, she is good to go,Chief ”
” Okay, can’t see what the bad news is.”her dad responds with a frown.
The doctor turns on the television and the image before them shocks them.


“Is that recent? Is it happening right now? Is it this same hospital, like they are right in front of it? “Kike asks a barrage of questions and the doctor just nods.
” How dad?how come? ”
” It’s what I wanted to tell you before he came in,darling,you know your mom was a celebrity of sorts , as a mega Events planner, she had planned events for prominent people, she was well-connected, I tried to keep her death out of the news, especially details, for as long as I could but with the new development, which is that Bayo has confessed to the crime and a court date has been fixed for his trial, I am afraid it’s out of my hands now, the media has it and I am sure they want to flood you with questions as soon as you step out, they have pictures of you so they recognize you. Although I don’t know how they got to know that you were being discharged today that’s against doctor – patient confidentiality “Kike moves from the bed to the love seat in the room to sit by her dad,placing her head on his shoulder.
” I don’t know, I would have to speak to the physical therapist and the nurses, it might have been one of them that slipped, would investigate this,I assure you, my sincerest apologies to you,Miss Kike for the inconveniences. “she nods.
” I am so sorry, hon, with all you’ve been through, I wouldn’t want you to go through this. “he kisses her hair.
” Err.. We have a back door sir and although it’s meant for hospital staff alone, we can make exceptions in this case.What do you think sir? ”
As her father makes to talk she cuts in.
” No, I won’t hide, I want to do this, I want to face them. ”
” But, sweetheart, going through the front door, would put you on the spot, paparazzi would be everywhere around you and consider your safety too. ”
” Dad, don’t worry, I will be fine. ”
She says smiling at her dad reassuringly and gives his hand a squeeze.
” Let’s get your things then and head to Tyler’s sister’s place.”
She breaks into a smile, is it Pneuma’s mom? ”
” Yes dear. ”
” That’s real sweet of her to let me come and stay with her, I know Tyler convinced you to shey cos I know it couldn’t have crossed your mind otherwise. ”
Her father shrugs and winks at her smiling. Lost in their talk, they do not notice the doctor slipping out with a smile leaving them to their conversation.


Tyler rummaged through the kitchen cabinets looking for his favorite cereal, Kelloggs cornflakes,
He wondered where it could be and was about to give up when he saw Pneuma trotting in with his mouthful, holding the pack of cornflakes , he breaks into a toothless grin. His mum calls him before he gets to scold Pneuma, he scowls at him, and Pneuma giggles,
“Yes mum, “he answers moving towards him to collect what’s left of the cereal, but thinking his Uncle wants to beat him, Pneuma runs to the parlour screaming.
” Grandma!! Grandma, Uncle Tee Tee looks like a troll, he wants to gobble me up like this ssssswwwwwoooop!!! “he goes to hide behind her chair.Tyler begins to laugh as he gets to the parlour just in time to hear what Pneuma said.
” Tyler?”
“Mum? ”
” Do not gobble my favorite grandson in the world. ”
” Your only grandson for now mum, your favorites are on their way, my kids. “his mother smiles.
“Okay fine, you have a point, I gave him your cereal dear, I will replace it, I promise.”
“I am not going offer to buy it this time mum, don’t bank on it happening o “his mum chuckles, knowing she has been found out.
” Mum!!! “she bursts into peals of laughter.
Just then the scene been shown on the news catches their attention.


” Is that…? ”
” Wow!! It is mum, I don’t know how she is going to get out or how I will get in for that matter, was supposed to go with them, drop off Pneuma home and help her get settled at Sis’s house and also see Mr Konye, the man I told you about. ”
” Yes that amazing testimony, how can I forget, you have to go, son, God will make a way out of this, leave Pneuma with me, you can come back to pick him up after you have gotten her out of the hospital.”
” Okay mom, let me hurry then”he grabs his car keys and rushes out of the house leaving a wailing Pneuma behind.
“Uncle Tee, Uncle Tee!!!! ”
” Oh Pneuma, be quiet child, Uncle Tee will be back soon for you okay, now come and sit with me let’s watch SpongeBob,like a good boy and I will give you ice cream “his face lights up on hearing that, and he wipes his face with his shirt and goes to meet his grandma, quiet and sniffing.
On his way, Tyler calls Kike.
” Hey!! ”
” Hey!! ”
” Crazy day huh? ”
” You saw the news? ”
” Yes I did, what’s the plan now,I am on my way”
” I am taking the front door, Tye. ”
” Woah!! Hold up, did I hear you say you want to take the front door? ”
” Yeah isn’t that what you would have done?  I read something in Romans 1 that apostle Paul said he is Unashamed of the gospel ,loads of people will be watching, they get to hear the gospel through this medium, I am going to stand Unashamed and share with the world or nation the peace I have found. ”
“Hmm when did you get born again again? You are already taking giant strides. Awesome!!! I will be praying in tongues for you, we should get you doing that today what you think?”
“I am so in!!”
” This is my prayer for you even as you step out there, Eph6:18 and 20
I pray for you that as you speak, words may be given to you that you may fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel and I pray that you may declare it as you should in Jesus name.”
“Amen. ”
Tyler pulls into the car park.
” I am at the car park, praying and waiting. ”
” Thanks, see you in a bit. ”
She zips up her suitcase as her dad helps her carry it.
” Ready, Princess? ”
” I feel like I have been ready all my life. ”
Everyone stares at them as they walk into the lobby as they have seen her in the news, he pauses at the door.
“I’ll understand hon if you change your mind, okay, we can turn around now, wait it out maybe till dark and then go, you don’t have to do this, the moment you step out the door they won’t spare you, they will come at you in full force. ”
” I know dad, I am ready, nothing is changing my mind. ”
Her Father sighs and opens the door there’s a rush as hospital security try to keep the reporters from coming at them.


” Miss Kike, is it true your mother was seeing a younger guy? ”
” How do you feel about her being murdered? ”
” What was your relationship with your mother’s lover like? ”
Kike flashes a smile and asks the security to hold off a bit.
” You all want to know how I feel about everything right? I am at peace, see, Jesus has made all the difference for me, scriptures say in John 3:16,for God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him shall have eternal life. God loves you so much he gave his life so you and I don’t have to live in sin anymore, he died so you can live in health, wealth, favour, sound mind and many other things, he wants you to call him Father and you his child, it’s time to be reconciled to God and he asking you to let him in, a lot of us have heard this words countlessly and have refused to believe, but please do, it’s the best decision you will ever make. He has comforted me in this times and whatever you maybe going through today he wants to comfort you, it doesn’t matter what you feel you have done, the thief on the cross beside Jesus wasn’t perfect but he believed in Jesus and Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise, I forgive my mother’s lover as you call him for what he did and I pray he gets born again too before he is sentenced.That will be all. ”
Jaws dropped while she spoke and there was grave silence throughout even after she had finished, Tyler thought the sight reminded him of Job 29:7-10,they paved way for both of them, as they made their way towards him, he walked towards them smiling as he greeted her dad and collected her luggage from him.
“Wow!! The Holy Spirit is pretty kickass isn’t he?”
“I couldn’t agree more, Ty”she glanced back as the noise resumed, still in awe,even after Tyler pulled out of the park.



2 thoughts on “UNASHAMED 7 (iv)

  1. Nicely delivered. Mother, Lover, Murder: guess even the rich have deep secrets. But why was she getting questioned about all that and not her mother’s husband?


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