Few minutes later Konye walks out of the Doctor’s office, a broad smile on his face, even though he still felt that sense of dread at what Hilda’s response would be on one hand, he was so excited about the news on the other. He takes a deep breath and opens the room door letting himself into the room and trying hard to contain his joy.
“Hey Hilz”
Hilda turns to face him.
“Sorry about that. “he says
She nods in response.
” So you were about to tell me how insensitive I have been. ”
” Yeah after you’ve told me why the doctor called you, I can tell it must have something to do with my swooning and cravings, I am pregnant aren’t I? ”
” You knew? ”
” I felt funny, cravings began, for the second month, my period hasn’t showed but I didn’t want to get my hopes up like the last time and with all that went on between us this period, I just couldn’t handle it… ”
” So you ignored it, it was that bad between us huh? ”
She manages a smile.
” I am excited!! ”
” I know you. You are bursting at the seams as it is. Babe…. ”
She begins and Konye inwardly says Wow she calls me a fond name, now that’s a good sign.
” I admit you were really insensitive that period, you were keeping late nights and my moods were on edge, we now know why, I cried a lot because it wasn’t your character to do that, and then the lipstick stain on your shirt, blame it on Nollywood movies and mindsets coming up that men must always cheat, I had always thought it will happen someday when I get a lot older and my body has been marred by child-birth, I started feeling insecure and it got worse when you missed our anniversary,that week I had gone through my former school mates pictures on Instagram and Facebook and I had seen photos of their wedding anniversary, how they had expressed love and some were married for longer than we have, so I was scared, so afraid I was losing you to some other woman. If I was so unconvinced I should have called the office, I  am so sorry, baby. I let thoughts cloud my judgment, drew hasty conclusions. I am sorry, I filed for divorce cos I wanted to beat you to it. I knew it would break me if you came one day to tell me you wanted out. As for finding your son, I accept him and I will be a mother to him,and whatever your wrongs were with Katrina, I am sure you already regret it.You
said she asked for an outrageous amount, how much? ”
“Brace yourself, sweets, he sighs and continues, she demanded a  billion naira.”Hilda gasps, placing her palm over her mouth in horror.
“What!!!! That woman is bonkers, what did you do? She wants to ruin you, I know you can afford it but with the investments you just made and the new house we are building, it will be all or most of what you have left,and she has no idea how you arrived at your wealth, she wasn’t there when we had to sell valuables to make investments, she has some nerve that woman, I hope you didn’t give her o! ….”she finally stops to catch her breath and before she can continue, Konye stops her with a kiss rendering her speechless afterwards.
“Yes, Hilz, you were saying,”he winks and flashes her a corky grin and she rolls her eyes at him, stifling a giggle.
” I didn’t, dad took care of it and has issued an ultimatum, we get back together and raise my son together or he cuts me out of my inheritance, I guess I’m still his heir. I missed you, my hot vixen. “he says kissing her forehead.
” And I missed you charming, more than you ever know.”she basks in his warm embrace and smiles as he moves to her belly to place a kiss on it. Sitting there, she feels the love of the Father wash over her and she hears him say.
Child, I love you, more than you ever know, let me in, Hilz.
She shuts her eyes and lets the tears flow and in her heart she says. Yes Lord, yes.
“Yes love”.
“l want to get born again, I have felt his love, he has shown me, Konye, I want this, I want to know him and love him just as he loves me, even in this state, I can’t keep living in denial. ”
Konye smiles as the tears that have been threatening to fall, begin to make their way down.
” Thank you Lord”he reaches down to take his wife’s hand in his.
“Do you believe in Jesus and what he did for you on the cross ?”
“Yes, I believe in Jesus and what he did for me. ”
” Do you accept him as Lord over your life? ”
” Yes I accept Jesus as Lord over my life. ”
“Alright, you are now born again wifey. Congratulations are in order.” he embraces her.
“Let’s pray and dedicate this family to him. “she nods in agreement.
” Dear God, thank you for bringing us back together and for drawing us to yourself in reconciliation, thank you for making us your children, direct us going forward, please and help us stay together in Jesus name. ”
” Amen. “They stay like that enjoying the Father’s love.
Then she looks at him and says.
” Never thought I would see that day when your daddy will want to see us together, you know. ”
” Yeah, me too. “they both laugh as they snuggle closer.

Tyler stared at the song arrangements before him on his IPad, they had only a month left to the concert, he was waiting for Kike to pick two songs she would want to do at the concert amongst these:Not Guilty by Mandisa, Caught in Love by J.moss,Something beautiful by Anthony Evans and Don’t wanna live for me by Moriah Peters .He chose these four because she would express them better since she can relate to them. He smiles to himself, he couldn’t wait to see what she would do to the songs she chose, she always could make a song hers, he remembered the covers they did for certain songs back then, when he had just begun teaching her how to play the guitar.


He wondered if she still played. Just then his thoughts are interrupted by his band members, coming in with two spoken word artists and three rap artists, he smiles, how he loved the making of every concert, he ensures he films everything, so he gets to play them later on comparing them with the concert coverage itself, to see what he did right or wrong, improvements to make in the new concert and all. They always put  intensify the prayers with each concert and double the efforts, if he thought “Just Like Heaven” was the best concert ever and he and        how his crew outdid themselves, he was about to get his mind blown, God’s order is brighter and brighter, better and better, greater and greater, he couldn’t help it, God is headline in this show,if he made all of creation and trying to grasp just one part of it leaves you in awe,what then is this concert to show the lamb slain. He looks at his phone screen,true caller showed Konye Phillips, and he smiles, that testimony was due. He steps out of the studio and answers the call.
“Hello, Mr Konye.”Konye goes to tell him about his reconciliation with his wife, his baby growing bigger inside his wife’s stomach and finally his wife being born again,confirming the words God gave him through Tyler and the word he gave him directly.
“Yes sir, he confirms his words with signs and wonders following, what hospital is your wife in? ”
” Genesis hospital. ”
” Wait, that’s the same hospital my friend is in. ”
” Oh really. ”
” Yeah I would be dropping by to see her around 4pm , so I would make sure, I come see you and your wife. Thanks for sharing this awesome testimony,sir.”
“It’s a pleasure, would be expecting you. ”
” Alright sir. “he glances at his wristwatch he had barely two hours to go. He had a lot of ground to cover before then.

Kike was strumming her guitar working on the songs Tyler had given her to choose from, choosing was going to be tough, she smiles to herself, just then her dad walks in.
“How’s it going baby? “he forces a smile.
” It’s going to be a tough choice dad, they are all great songs. “she notices her dad seems troubled about something.
” Dad, is everything alright? ”
” Sorry I have been keeping something from you, tried to keep you from being hurt by it but I can’t keep it hidden forever, you won’t be holed up in this hospital much longer with your speedy recovery. You will definitely see the news.”
“Dad you are scaring me? “


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