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Hilda winces in pain as she wakes up and forced her eyelids open. She hears someone heave a sigh of relief.
“She is awake, thank God!!Hilz are you alright ? Can you hear me? ”
She recognizes her mum’s voice.
” Ma’am, you shouldn’t exert her so, she has only just woken up. ”
” I am sorry.”
“Oh my darling Hilda, how do you feel? ”
” My head hurts so much, can I get a glass of water? “the nurse fills a glass cup with water from the water dispenser and brings to her. She mumbles her thanks as she brings it to her lips,taking her fill she returns the glass to the nurse.
” How did I get here and how did you know? “Her mum looks at the nurse and as if on cue, the nurse asks to take her leave.
” If you require anything be sure to call with the phone close to you. “Hilda whispers okay. As the door closes, her mum begins.
” It was your aunt that brought you here, she had been here all day yesterday and she called me to take over because she had to go to work. Why didn’t you tell me you left Konye or that you were having problems, Hilda, why? Imagine my shock and the pain I felt when your aunt told me, you went to her instead of me, knowing that you didn’t trust me enough to confide in me. ”
” I am sorry mum, but I couldn’t have you send me back to Konye and tell me how that, a woman’s place is with her husband and everything you would have said, you and dad have the perfect marriage, you forgave him for his infidelity,I didn’t want you to ask that of me too mum, it was too much. ”
” Oh child, I am sorry you felt that way but I thought you knew that I will never lord anything over you. ”
“Mum,you are a weakness of mine, you hold great influence over me, I won’t have been able to resist your words, I would have gone right back and would have regretted it.”
“Why do you say so?”
“Aunty didn’t know? Wow!! Well, I passed out in shock at finding out that Konye had a child by another woman and he said nothing to me about it. “Her mum let’s out a gasp.
” Oh no, what have I done!! ”
” Mum, what’s wrong? ”
” I called Konye, and he is on his way. ”
” You did not. Mum? I don’t want to see him. ”
” Child, you have to, at least let him say his piece, don’t make the same mistakes I almost made with your dad, I didn’t want to hear him out, I just wanted out, I found out later that he lost his job and felt miserable and that day when he got home, I snapped at him and he walked out of the house and went to a bar to drink to stupor, that’s where he met the lady and they slept with each other, my friend’s husband saw them leaving the bar together and told my friend who told me. It was a one night stand, he was drunk and hurt, I had the impression that it was an affair. If I had been impulsive as I was angry, I would have lost the rare gem that’s your father, I haven’t regretted making that decision since I did twenty years ago, you and your siblings have become the success you are because you had us both to raise you. I can’t tell you it’s an easy thing to do to forgive even, neither can I tell you it easy to see him right now to hear him out, but you owe it to yourself to find out for real what happened,that’s all I am going to say, if you don’t want to see him, I will leave word at the lobby that he shouldn’t be let in. ”
Hilda shuts her eyes letting the tears fall, she feels her mum plant a kiss on he forehead, it will be fine, darling, I will be in the hallway if you need me, let me call your brother, he is supposed to pick your dad up from the airport, your dad says he is coming straight to the hospital to see you, I know you will like that very much.”She wipes a tear off her face with her handkerchief,as the door shuts, Hilda buries her face in the pillow and sobs hard.

Konye couldn’t fathom what could have happened to Hilda, she was one to swoon or faint, he had his chauffeur drive him as he was in no state to drive, he was worried sick, he just began to pray, asking for God to make things right for them, and make it all work for their good. The 20minutes drive to the hospital seemed so long, he was restless. Minutes later as his chauffeur pulled into the parking lot of the hospital, he came out, leaving the door open and rushing into the hospital like one who was being chased.
“Hey, I am here to see Mrs Hilda Phillips”
” And who are you to her? “he was kept from responding as he heard his mother in law respond on his behalf.
” Her husband, good afternoon son in law. ”
” Good afternoon mummy. ”
” Now, don’t patronize me, Konye, why didn’t you come and tell me you and my daughter were having issues. ”
” I am so sorry ma, I should, it’s just that I know Hilz would have been mad that I did and I didn’t know it was going to be this serious. ”
” Well, come with me, you are in a lot of trouble young man, your wife just found out you have a child out of wedlock. “Konye froze.
” Sss she kno knows? “he stutters.
” Yes she does, now don’t just stand there, go in and face your wife and be honest about things okay?”
Konye gulps and nods as he opens the door and walks in, he meets her still sobbing and goes on his knees by her bedside.
“My love…”he begins.
“Don’t call me that. ”
” I am so sorry I didn’t tell you about Katrina and my son, I didn’t know until some days ago, we were in a relationship before I left England,she told me she was pregnant, I told her to get rid of it, she agreed but apparently she didn’t do it. I am glad she didn’t, although she asked me to give her an outrageous sum of money and I consented to it, maybe because I felt the need to conceal it.But I am no longer that man anymore,I want to raise my child, I want us to. I am born again now, I believe in Jesus and I am not having an affair with her or anyone else, I am really sorry I wasn’t around a lot and that I missed our anniversary, I planned to make it up to you nextweek and I wanted to also tell you about the boy too then because you didn’t want to see me before now, babe,she went to meet my dad and told him, dad gave her settlement and he is with my son as we speak but I guess she wasn’t satisfied,she had the right to be mad at me, I ruined her life, dashed her hopes and killed her dreams. I hurt her all those years ago and I wish I could take it back but the good about this is that I never would have met you. I have never loved a woman the way I love you, Hilz, this past week has been torture without you. You can call my office to see my sign out time daily, you will know I haven’t been meeting any woman. I love you Hilda, I want to grow old with you, raise our children with you. Pls say you will come home, pls. “he takes her hand in his and looks into her eyes.
” Will you? “just then the doctor walks in.
” Sorry to interrupt but when I was told you are here, I had to see you in person. Can we go to my office briefly? “Konye glances at Hilda.
” It’s alright, go. ”
They leave the room and her mum goes in.
” Mum? ”
” My darling how did it go? ”
” You were right mum, I am glad I let him say his piece, he isn’t having an affair with his son’s mother or any other woman, the reason he didn’t tell me this was because he just found out, he didn’t have to tell me but he told me that he had intended to conceal it, buy her silence with an outrageous amount, she obviously wanted to ruin him and make his life miserable because he had hurt her years ago, I know he still has to tell me the full story but I don’t want to stay mad at him anymore, I love him so much my heart aches,he is born again, hmm, that’s huge but we will work it out step by step. And mum, I didn’t tell you, because I knew you were always right, you would tell me to return home and you would be right about that, I guess a part of me wanted to just stay mad at him. ”
” I am glad child, I am proud of you and the decision you made but even if you had made another decision maybe to leave I would have respected your decision, adviced you against it, yes, Konye is born again, yes it’s huge as you say, because I remember you didn’t want to marry any of the “born again guys” as you call them and now the safe one you married is one of them now, talk about huge, ” her mum chuckles and continues” but don’t go about thinking you can’t talk to me,”she tucks a strand of hair behind her daughter’s ear and continues.. “You seriously went to confide in Lily of all people.”she shakes her head laughing, Hilda joins her.

The doctor opens the door and Konye walks in after him.
” Pls sit down sir.”
“Thanks doc, is my wife going to be alright. ”
” Yes, it’s good thing she didn’t have a concussion she hit her head really hard. I heard she got some shocking news that’s why she swooned, but when I asked if she was prone to it, or if it was a normal occurrence for her when she is overwhelmed and I was told she wasn’t, we carried out a test and found she is two months pregnant Congratulations sir. ”
” Woah!!! This is great news!!! “he takes the doctors outstretched hand and shakes him. They had joked about it that day that they were going to try for little Hilda or little Konye and they did like they had every other time only that this time,God made it work.He was going to be a father for the second time that week. He sat grinning from ear to ear.


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