Hilda hadn’t slept a wink all night, she couldn’t explain why her thoughts kept drifting to Konye, she missed him and she was struggling this much because she refused to admit it to herself,her thoughts kept raging all night, she heaved a sigh of relief when the grandfather clock in her aunt’s parlour chimed 6am.Her aunt came downstairs to meet her seated in the kitchen sipping hot coffee. She eyed her and shook her head disapprovingly.
“You look like something the cat dragged in, what? You pulled an all nighter or you are suffering from insomnia”.
Hilda rolls her eyes, takes a sip of the coffee and responds to her aunt in a voice laced with sarcasm.
“Good morning to you too, ma’am, and I feel like crap thanks for asking. ”
She takes her cup and walks out of the kitchen, to continue her solitude in the comfort of her room away from her aunt’s prying eyes.
She closes her door and shuts her eyes leaning against it as the tears flow freely. What if she was wrong about Konye cheating? She loved him so much, being away from him this long felt like she couldn’t breathe, nothing felt the same. She missed his kisses, snuggling against him all night, his scent. What was wrong with her? She wondered.
“Oh would you get a grip on your emotions, Hilda!you aren’t some giggly teenager”, she chided herself.
If only her emotions could hear her, she knew they didn’t when she sat dialing his number,wondering if he would pick.


Konye couldn’t believe what he saw on his phone screen, Hilda calling for the first time since she walked of the house with her things. “Calm down bro, don’t get your hopes up too fast.” he cautioned his excitedly racing heart. He answers the phone.
“My love, ”
For a moment she was silent, letting his voice wash over her like springs, oh this was going to be harder than she thought.
” Hi. “she said in a shaky voice that sounded more like a whisper.
He didn’t know what to say to her, he had rehearsed it several times but was suddenly tongue-tied now that he got through.
” How did we get here baby? “she asks.
” I am sorry love. “he replies
” I want to see you Konye, I can’t take it anymore. ”
” Come home love, I miss you, it’s driving me crazy, I have been miserable, I took to the bottle and wound up in a police cell because of that. ”
” Oh no!! “She began to sob loudly,but breaks into into a chuckle as he begins to sing Timi Dakolo’s Iyawo mi song. When he is done, he says.
” Come home, love, I need you, home, right by my side is where you belong babe, let’s work things out,we are to grow old remember and have a litter”
” I will Konye, but right now I just. want to see you, I just want you to hold me tight and whisper sweet nothings into my ears like you do. ”
Wow, did he hear right? Was his wife really saying all this?
” Where do you want it? ”
” Can we lodge where we celebrated our first anniversary? ”
Memories flood his mind at that.
” Oh my gosh!!!” she exclaimed as he removed the blindfold and opened the door to revealed the grandest suite she had ever entered, with rose petals on the floor and bed, scented candles lit. He carried her giggling with delight to the giant four-poster bed and kissed her almost breathless and paused for moment to stare into those dreamy eyes, God!!! She was beautiful!! …………
He didn’t realize he was still on a call till she yelled his name.
“Konye Phillips, get your head back here this minute!!”He chuckles to himself, he had missed this part of her.
“Right away ma’am. I will make the arrangements, nextweek ? ”
” Yeah nextweek . “she says giggling with delight as she hung up, clutching the phone to her chest.Although she would have loved to say tonight anyway. She felt so good, if she ever had any doubts there was a God, she totally believed there is one right now, and she did nothing to deserve this good turn of things but it was beautiful. She just whispered.
“Thanks!!! “she decides to take a stroll and as she walks out of her aunt’s house she meets a gorgeous lady with a flawless skin standing at the entrance.


” Pardon me ma’am. “she says with her British accent.
” Could you per chance be, Hilda Philips? ”
” Yes I am, and who might you be? ‘
The other woman smiles.
“I am Katrina, your husband’s baby mama. ”
Hilda vision blurs as she hits the ground in a black out.

Tyler picked up Kike’s favorite groceries from the store on his way to visit her, he hoped she had listened to the songs on the playlist, it would make what he wanted to tell her today, really easy to say, pulling into the parking lot he was surprised to see the presence of the police at the hospital, something was up. He parked the car and began to make his way into the hospital and into the elevator. When they stopped at the third floor, he got out and almost collided with Mr Bankole, Kike’s dad.
“Good morning sir. “he says as he regains composure.
” Oh it’s good you are here, Tyler, I could have lost my baby girl today.”
“How,sir?”he asks as they step away from the elevator so other people can go in.
“Her mother’s killer came back for her, apparently he intended to kidnap her, not right away though, but he got cornered by a nurse and could have lashed out in desperation, thank God he didn’t come with a weapon. ”
“What time was this sir?”
“Around seven this morning, I called your Uncle right away after I heard the whole conversation via a phone call Kike was smart enough to place to me. ”
” Wow!!that’s the same time I felt the nudge in my spirit strong to pray for her, I couldn’t place what was going on, I had no idea why, so I just prayed in tongues and I am glad that power was made available to keep her safe.”
“She has something to tell you, you should go to her room, I need to get somewhere.See you later, son.”
“Okay sir. ”
Tyler walks down the hallway to Kike’s room. He is greeted with a bright smile.
” You don’t look shaken one bit. ”
” Yeah, it’s God in me, I admit I was terrified while it happened and I prayed a funny prayer in my mind and he answered. ”
” Did you just use God and prayer in one sentence in reference to yourself? ”
Kike smiles.
” I am born again jor. ”
“Woah!!!!since when?”
“Yesterday, dad worked me through it, but the songs started it up. ”
” Amazing, God did even beyond what I asked him for!!”he exclaims
She beams as she pauses to take in his appearance this morning, his T-shirt fitting snugly to his gorgeous frame. She didn’t realize she had been gawking at him till he clears his throat.
“Hello, I said i got you some of your favorite groceries, i hope they still are though. I hope I was looking like toast and bacon or yam and sauce for that matter as you obviously haven’t eaten breakfast.”
She refuses to meet his gaze, as heat rushes to her cheeks. She got it bad!!! Her feelings for Tyler hadn’t changed one bit since high school, this was crazy!!
“You do not, I haven’t eaten breakfast but I am not about to gobble you up. Dad went to get me waffles and coffee. ”
As if on cue, her dad walks in with paper bags containing breakfast. Tyler stands up, and asks to take his leave, before he would be ask to join them, he had to see his project supervisor in school today and meet his crew for rehearsals for the forthcoming “UNASHAMED CONCERT”


4 thoughts on “UNASHAMED 7

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  2. What Konye’s done to Hilda that makes her miss him so much that she forgives him real quick… I’d really like to know. 🙂
    Katrina’s obviously not satisfied with the promise of receiving a billion bucks soon. Is she ‘a woman scorned’?
    Suddenly women scare me.

    Good writing. This story has made me aware there are some songs I may need to add to my playlist.


    • She loves him, and he didn’t do anything to be forgiven other than, forget their anniversary but she chose to believe he had been cheating on her when he hadn’t, the word Tyler gave him at the police station was that God is fixing things and when he prayed that morning at his Father’s house, he was assured of God’s help and that’s what happened here, Hilda couldn’t sleep, she was plagued with thoughts of her husband and how she missed him and she began to wonder if she did jump into wrong conclusions about her husband’s fidelity.


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