The alarm clock rings loudly, Tyler groans, and stretches his hand towards it to put it off,it couldn’t be morning already, he had slept late last night after having an earful from mum about singing in clubs, feeling for it with the bedcover still over his head, knocking a few items off his dresser, including his perfume bottle which shatters as it hits the ground Tyler jumps out of bed instantly putting on his slippers close to his feet.

“Oh crap!!! “his sister was going to have his head for this, he had just  broken the expensive Chanel Cologne she got him for his 24th birthday. She had emphasized on expensive. He broke into a sweat, Julia was unlike his other Sophia, his charms couldn’t work on her,he was toast and all because he was being lazy. He eyed the clock, it was time for his morning jog. He reaches for his hoodie but decided against it, it was too soon after one hoodie had gotten him in police trouble, good police trouble thank God but police trouble nonetheless, he took his sport vest and shorts instead and slid his feet into his sneakers, grabbing his phone and headphones he walked of the room closing the door against the horrific sight of the broken perfume, he would deal with that later.
He hurried down the stairs and slipped out of the house, and started his Playlist putting his headphones on and began to jog as the rich voice of Jaye Thomas singing We love your name, reminiscing about the day before and just worshipping God for everything, his thoughts drift to Kike and he feels a nudging to pray for her, he begins to pray in tongues as he had no idea what to say in his understanding. He keeps at it till he felt a note of victory in his heart, peace on the matter and continues communing with the Father.

Panic grips Kike as she realizes who the intruder is, what was her mother’s killer doing in her hospital room so early in the morning, was she going to die too like her mother? Was he so angry he wanted to finish her off too so she wouldn’t be able to identify him. Her head was spinning, she held her breath, and began to pray to this God she just met.
“Oh dear God, I know we just met but I hope it isn’t too early to ask for favours, I don’t want to die. Pls help me, I don’t want Bayo to smother me with my pillow or inject me with something or stab me, I just want him out of my room”, she turns her face backing him, as tears begin to blur her vision.

Bayo looks perturbed as he notices Kike is stirring. Gosh she can’t catch me here, what if she wakes up and screams, but wait a minute, I could lie to her that I didn’t do it, I ran cos I was scared or something. No, she won’t buy it, she is not a kid, she is a young woman. Just then a nurse walks into her room,causing Bayo to freeze,gathering his wits, he smiles at her.

“Good morning, miss”.
“Good morning, I don’t suppose we’ve met, and it’s too early for any visits. “Kike quickly uses the distraction to dial her dad’s number, he picks and she places it where he would hear all that is being said.
” I.. I am.. m. “he stutters trying to come up with a lie.
The nurse looks alarmed.
Jeez she has found me out, I have to get out of here fast before she raises alarm.
Excuse me sir. ”
” I am so sorry, I am not usually this tongue -tied, em it’s just that you are so beautiful. ”
” Thank you but that hasn’t told me why you are here, I would call security, so you can get talking. ”
” No, there’s no need for that, I am Kike’s boyfriend, I came by this time because I just came in from the UK last night and heard my girlfriend had been in an accident.I left the house right away, I barely slept, I just had to see her.”
“Hmmm really. ”
Just then he hears sirens wailing, he pushes the nurse away and begins to run, she calls security and they shut down the elevator. He hears the nurse call security so he avoids the elevator and takes the staircase, he hopes they haven’t gotten there, he trips and is sent tumbling down the stairs.

Konye paces in his room, he had to go out and face his Father soon. He didn’t want to stay one more night in this house under his mother’s scrutiny. He goes on his knees.
“Oh Lord help me, help me get out of this, I can’t face my father alone, Lord, please help me.”
He hears, Son, you are not alone, I am with you always even to the end of time, I will never leave you nor forsake you so you can say, the Lord is my helper what can man do to me.
Thank you Lord,”he smiles at the memory of his Sunday school days memorizing that scripture.
He gets up and leaves the room, feeling reassured that he isn’t going alone.
He knocks at the door of his father’s study.
“Come in!!” is the gruff reply.
He walks and finds his father engrossed in a newspaper barely looking up from it.
“Good morning, papa. ”
” Oh, the morning is good, I see. Sit, Konye, enough of the frivolities let’s get down to why I sent for you. “he puts his newspaper down and lights a Cuban,he offers him one and he declines.
” Alright, you are out of control Konye, you can’t be having midlife crisis cos you are not close to forty yet, so what’s this recklessness about? First , Hilda leaves you, good riddance I will say, then you go drinking and wind up in jail and there is Katrina and your son”
” I didn’t know about having a son till yesterday Papa, she added to the craziness I was feeling, and so I took to the bottle, but I regret all that, I really do. ”
” I have taken care of the Katrina situation, I have sent my men to retrieve my grandson, and they will be here soon. I am giving you an ultimatum Konye, put your house in order or I am cutting you off my will.”Konye grits his teeth.
“My grandson won’t be raised as a bastard, if you can’t work things out with Helen, I can’t believe I am saying that you should work things out with her. But if you can’t, divorce her and get another wife. Just get your life back to normal or you cease to be my heir!!! That will be all!! ”
Konye leaves the study in a daze, just then his phone rings,it’s Helen calling.
” Oh God what now!! Could it get any worse? “


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