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Konye wakes up to the unfamiliar sound of jeering, his head throbs and he grits his teeth, slowly taking in his environment,where was he?and what was that stench? He eyed the bars. Oh gosh, was he in jail? The high and mighty, Konye Phillips, his dad would have a stroke, if he heard, he begins to yell.
“Hello!!! ”
He didn’t realize he wasn’t alone till he was punched in the side, he jumps,turning to look at his attacker, a gangster in the flesh,towering above him with aangry scowl on his scarred face.
” You dey craze? You chop winch? See this mad man!! Ifa wooze u ehn. ”
Konye was shaking now,as it dawned on him that this was no nightmare, he was really behind bars in Nigeria. He begins to plead with the guy.
” Abeg no vex for me Bros, e be like say I drink yesterday and I no remember how I take come here, no vex Bros, i no no say chairman like you dey here with me, I for come salute you first. ”
This was one time Konye was glad he spent those Christmases in the village with his grandparents even though he hated it, they paid of now as the man began to relax.
” I no like make person dey disturb my sleep, I nor sleep early because of one useless boy wey dem carry come the next cell wey dey preach to everybody, ifa see the boy I go break him neck. ”
” Person wey them arrest, still dey preach? “Konye couldn’t believe his ears what was it about this salvation that made people, stand up in clubs to sing about it, or Jesus that even in a cell someone still preaches about him. He was lost in thought for a moment before he was jolted back to reality by the police officer who yells his name.
“No be you be Konye? ”
” Sorry, na me. ”
“Come and make your call” the cell is opened and he comes out, he glances at the next cell and see the guy from last night praying with the inmates.
“Wait, Oga, wetin that boy do wey una carry am come here. ”
” Them rob some women for their house come rape them around 8pm yesterday. ”
” 8pm?”
“No ask me any stupid question again o. ”
He glances back at Tyler who just finishes the prayer, smiling at the inmates and hugging them. He had a sentence on his neck for something he didn’t do, yet he acted like he didn’t have a care in the world and was so happy preaching, the inmates were smiling too. This was real crazy, he thought to himself.

Thirty minutes later, his friend and lawyer, Barr Chinedu, comes to pay the fine and ensure his release, they are about to leave when he pauses at the doorway much to the surprise of his friend.
“Are you alright Konye?”
“Yes I am, I can’t just leave that guy to rot in here,for a crime he didn’t commit, I don’t even know if they let him call anyone yet, I would bail him out. ”
” What guy, Konye? ”
” I met him at the club, he came to perform with his band, when the supposed robbery he partook in, happened, it must be a case of mistaken identity. ”
” So your drinking buddy is an armed robber, you want to bail him out, this won’t look good on your reputation. ”
” Dad’s reputation you mean, you think I don’t know that he sent you out here to do damage control, how much did you pay the officers? I can’t leave that guy here. ”
” You were brought in here wasted, Konye, would they believe the testimony of a drunk man. ”
” There are a ton of witnesses, the bar owner and the bouncers, the bar men, the customers, his band members, all can back up my story. ”
” This is Naija, Konye, you can’t just give them word of mouth, the guy needs a lawyer if he has a shot at getting out of here. ”
” Then you represent him,Chinedu, i will foot your bill. ”
” Your father knows about his grandson with Katrina, I think you’ve got much more on your plate than you know. ”
Konye’s face drains of colour, of course, Katrina didn’t believe he would make do on his promise to pay her off, so she went for the bigger fish,his dad.
“She didn’t. ”
” Yes she did,man, So I say let’s go, fix that mess rather than have this new case on our hands. ”

He paces, contemplating, ignoring the glares of the policemen. Just then the door opens, an officer, who is apparently a superior officer with a the salutations, walks in with some other officers and Tyler’s crew members along with the club manager who looked not too pleased to be there.
“I want my nephew released right away, he is no criminal, he wasn’t at the scene of the robbery at 8pm,he was at the club close to were you found him, he had just finished ministering there, these are his crew members and the club owner who hired them, you got the wrong man, take their statements and release him. Before Chinedu could stop him, Konye walks up to Tyler’s Uncle.
“I was there sir, I would like to write a statement, this boys blessed me with their song, I was too angry and in pain to admit it, but I want to meet your cousin apologize to him for being a jersey yesterday and to tell him I want to accept Jesus. I want to stand Unashamed, proud to speak about Jesus even with a gun pointed at me, I want that joy too that he exudes even in the face of danger, I believe everything he said, that Jesus died for me on the cross, that he was buried and that he rose again, atoning for my sins and giving me his life, I confess Jesus as Lord over my life. ”
He rambled on at the top his voice breathlessly and finishes with a big sigh leaving all staring at him like one who is insane. Tyler smiles at what he hears as he is escorted out after bidding the prisoners goodbye and promising to come back to see them. He whispers a thank you Lord.He breaks the silence that follows after Konye’s outburst.
“Sir, you are saved, for with the heart man believes and with the heart confession is made unto salvation,Rom 10.You are now born again Mr Konye Phillips, Jesus is Lord over your life and over your home, he is sorting things out for you as we speak. ”
“I know he is.” Konye adds with a smile, he brings out his card and gives it to Tyler, “pls follow me up.”
“I sure will.” Tyler replies as Konye leaves the building with his friend who is still in a daze.

Bayo let’s himself into the room. The security in the hospital sucked as he expected.He glances at the girl sleeping peacefully before him, he had to get her out of the hospital somehow, he had to come up with something fast, he sighs, he would think of something then come back for her, and then he would get his clean break, a fresh start with the ransom collected, he would probably concoct a story to tell her that would lure her out of the hospital room, he is so lost in thought he doesn’t realize, Kike has opened her eyes and his staring at him with an alarmed look on her face.


2 thoughts on “UNASHAMED 6 (ii)

  1. Ok now I appreciate Konye’s initial reaction to the word of knowledge.
    It’s closed out real good for him at this point but he’s still got that mess with Katrina and the divorce with Hilda to deal with.
    Hopefully, we get to read about amazing, miraculous outcomes, right?

    Well done, Stephanie. Keep on.


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