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Kike stretched and yawned with her eyes closed, slowly she opened her eyes, she had fallen asleep after she had taken her bath and the bandages had been changed,and her face broke into a smile for the first time since the crazy her world was plunged into. Whatever was in those songs she played all night, it was the reason she woke up feeling so excited. She had to see Tyler, she wanted him to tell her about Jesus, about the songs.Just then the physiotherapist walks in, she beams at him, leaving him looking puzzled for a bit before he clears his throat,smiling at her.
“Good morning miss Kike, I see you woke up in high spirits today, you look better than yesterday. ”
Kike smiles knowing he was referring to her tantrums after she fell on her face yesterday.
” I sure feel better too, can we get started? ”
He looks at her amazed.
” You really feel great, I can tell. ”
They begin, and after going at it for a while, they pause so she can drink water.
” You are doing pretty great, your cast would be removed pretty soon,you would most likely walk out of here without crutches at this rate. ”
” Really? ”


The door opens and her dad walks in with a nylon which she knows contains her fruit salad,Chinese rice and chicken sauce which she asked him to get her for breakfast, although it was more like brunch now because it was already 12 noon.
” How’s my favorite person in the world doing today? “her dad asks planting a kiss on her forehead.
” Fine daddy, he says i would soon be walking out of here without aid.”
“Wow, that’s great news hon. “Her dad beams at her,as he takes the tray on the table by her bedside,and places the plates containing the meal into it.



I guess this is my cue, I will take my leave now. ”
” Dr Ali, do join us, there’s enough for three.”Her father says, gesturing to the Doctor to join them.
“Oh, that’s kind of you sir but I had breakfast an hour ago. ”
” Alright then. ”
The doctor leaves the room.
” It’s been confirmed, Kike, your mom was murdered she was smothered to death with a pillow. ”
Kike gasps.
” Oh no. ”
” It means she was asleep when he did it. ”
” Dad, would we ever see mummy again? like when we get to heaven or something. ”
Her dad bows his head saddened by the answer to that question. He brings out a bible he just bought for her.
” The answer is here, darling.”
Her eyes widen as she looks at the white colored Bible.


“Dad, are you religious now? ”
He smiles,and shakes his head leaving her confused.
” Then why did you get me a bible?”
“I believe the right word is born again dear. I am born again, Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a life, it is the life of God expressed through you. You see when the gospel is preached to you and you believe and confess Jesus as Lord, you are born again, you have accepted the new life you have been given in Christ. ”
” I am new creation, what’s that about? ”
” Hmmm, it’s quite a long one but I will tell you anyway. ”
” You see Adam and Eve sinned and sin messed God’s perfect creation up, it became our master, we were slaves to sin, I will tell you more about that Adam and Eve story tomorrow or next, but God didn’t create his man, to be a slave on the earth, he gave him dominion, authority, he said dominate, multiply, be fruitful. God ruled over heaven, he wanted man to rule over earth. This man, the fallen man couldn’t rule, he couldn’t all of that because he allowed sin to be his master and the devil too. So for years the devil thought he had messed up God’s plans for good, but years after, God in Jesus won victory over the devil, you see God gave Laws, the ten commandments, ceremonial laws and ordinances,six hundred and something impossible standards. ”
” Dad hold up, you mean the Laws are more than ten? ”
” Yes child every do not or you must not in Scripture is a law.Do you know if you break the laws of Nigeria you have sinned. ”
” Wow!! That’s crazy!! ”
” Yes the laws were to do one thing to show us that we needed saving, or all of us were hell-bound. The soul that sins according to scriptures shall die, the wages of sin is death.”
“Why did he have to go through this long processes and years too.He is God, he could have just waved the whole thing. ”
” The devil would have held it against him, justice wouldn’t have been served, he is just judge, he did this to justify us freely and so his plan was in motion all the way till Jesus came and Jesus was God himself coming as a man, the devil never saw it coming. ”
” Wow!!! That’s what the songs I have been listening are about, he gave himself to fulfill justice demands, Not guilty by Mandisa and Mercy tree by Anthony Evans, it’s onTyler’s Playlist ”
” Great songs dear and Yes he did, he was the only sinless man, and only he could atone forever for man’s sins and restore man as ruler on earth, he said behold I give you power to trample upon snakes and scorpion and to over all power of the enemy who is Satan and nothing shall by any means harm you, that’s in Luke10 verse 19, Colossians described what he did for us, he rendered the devil and his goons powerless over us, let me read that to you. ”
He opens the Bible and reads.
“Colossians 2 verse 14 and 15
having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.”
“That’s pretty kickass, dad. “she beams
” Yes it is, we have been called into a better life where all we do is insist upon what Jesus has done for us and made us, we can now Lord it over the devil putting him in his place so to speak where he comes with his lies because that’s what he does now, goes about trying deprive us by telling us lies or ensuring we stay ignorance, tells us that even though we accept Jesus, you do something wrong, God punishes you, that’s a lie!!! This is because he punished Jesus for all of sin both past, present and future. He is never angry with you I want you to read what he says in Isaiah54:9 and Hebrews 8 and 10 and later you might want to read the whole of Hebrews and Romans later and then the attributes of love which is who God is in 1 Corinthians13, one of such is that he doesn’t keep records of wrongs done to him, and isn’t easily angered, this is how he expects us to be, because now that I am born again I am just the way he is, I no longer have the sinful nature, I now have his own nature. To answer your question about your mother read John 3:16 I know I have said so much already but it’s your choice to make this is much more than accepting Jesus because you don’t want to go to hell , it does that for you but that’s not all. For most who got saved that way, a lot of them are struggling and frustrated because they still believe sin is what takes them to hell , so they are trying so hard by their own efforts not to sin and they have no idea that righteousness is not earned or attained, it is a gift and holiness is the very nature of God which is now your nature by your new birth. Our own righteousness are as filthy rags before him, our attempt at doing good so God will bless us is filthy rags before him he has given us his own instead, we should be humble and accept it. Holiness is in your DNA, you might still fall sometimes but instead of condemning you, he reminds you who you are and what he has done for you, you were a slave but he has made you a King, when you fall, it doesn’t change the fact that you are who you are, a King. You draw strength as you fellowship with God, so when you sin do not believe the lie that God hates you and looks at you in disgust, he has clothe you with righteousness, he sees you and sees Jesus, remember you weren’t perfect of fabulous when he chose to show you his love by dying for you,Romans 5.This isn’t a license to sin Romans 6,why would I go on sinning when I have the ability not to,plus every time I remember the love he has for me, I just damn the devil. He has given us all we need to to live the Christian life. Mine is just to use them even as he shows them to me in his word. I could go on an on, Kike but I want you to make the decision by yourself. ”
Kike hugs her dad,” thanks dad, I have never heard it like this before, it’s something too good to be true but I know better than to not believe it because it is true, seeing your face light up even as you spoke about him, it’s the same thing I see in Tyler when he preaches in school, in classes, on the road sometimes, so unashamed, so bold, it makes me mad when I see him, but now I know. As I listened to the songs he gave me, I could feel it, the tugging at my heart.”She smiles
“I want in dad, I want Jesus in my life, I want to sing about this amazing love he has for me. ”
Her father hugs her smiling.
” I am proud of you child, now let’s take you through the confession. ”
He holds her hand and whispers a thank you Jesus.


5 thoughts on “UNASHAMED 6(i)

  1. The Gospel got delivered.
    Raw and in Kike’s face by the one person she looks up to. Very well done.

    The way the Holy Spirit prepared her for it caught my eye too; Tyler’s playlist had warmed her heart the night before and prepared her for the raw delivery. If that had not happened, there would likely have been some resistance to it.

    This was a good chapter. Thanks.


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