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Konye looks at his side mirror to see a police car gaining in on him,  the car overtakes him and blares his siren, signalling him to stop. He curses and pulls over.
“Mister man, which kind driving be that!!”the police officer says as he walks over to him with him with his torchlight, shining it into his eyes.
“You drink abi”He says as he looks him over.
“Officer is there a problem? ”
” Come down this minute!! “Konye sighs and comes out of the car,staggering. The officer clasps the cuffs on his wrist.
” You are under arrest for drunk driving. “Konye falls to his knees vomits and passes out. The policeman calls his partner and they haul him into the car and
drive off to the station.


Tyler smiles as the gathering broke after they had bade each other good night and taken down the contact details of the new converts. He waited till the last person left and then he put on his hood and he began to walk down the road to his house praying in tongues , suddenly he heard shouts, gun shots and sound of running feet coming his direction, he just kept walking soon they got closer, he realized that the police were in hot pursuit of some thieves. The thieves ran past him, then the police rounded the bend and started running towards him shouting.
“Hey!! Stop there” by now they had caught up with Tyler.
“Your hands in the air, turn around slowly and get on your knees now!!! “Tyler started to laugh as he obeyed.
” I am sorry but you have got the wrong guy, I just came out from that club with my crew. ”
” Shut up!! You explain yourself when we get to the station “the police officer said cuffing him.”
Tyler smiles and whispers. “Thank you Jesus.”


Bayo was angry, Marcus didn’t think it wise to try to kill the Father of the girl, Kike,he refused to let sleeping dogs lie with the autopsy and all. The man wasn’t dumb he would have taken  security measures, especially since he is some top short Doctor in America suggested he kidnap Kike instead and demand for a ransom  and a free pass to Ghana or Togo to start a new life. Bayo lights a cigarette. He hated that his plan didn’t the way he wanted it to,hated to have to kidnap her in her state of loss and injury but he couldn’t bare the thought of a firing squad sentence or death by hanging or rotting in prison. Kike was his ticket out.


Kike smiles at the lyrics of the songs she had been listening to all day. She didn’t know there were awesome gospel songs like this, beautiful life by Tedashii featuring V. Rose, Lecrae featuring Kari Jobe broken pieces, Mandisa-Not guilty, Hillsong – touch the sky,moriah Peter’s don’t wanna live for me, stand strong and you carry me and many more awesome songs she was yet to play. Yes she would admit it, Tyler made her day after falling on her face during physiotherapy, she was feeling down and out. She cried, tears of frustration and then she decided to distract herself with the songs but instead she got something more. She really wanted to know this grace this singers described. It was beautiful, it’s the reason Tyler was ever smiling. She wanted it for herself too.


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