You don’t own me 1 was written out of the depths of my heart as inspired by the decision I made to live life to the fullest despite and breakthrough all I was going through. While, You don’t own me 2 is the 2nd part of this poem which I started in 2016 during one of the most depressing times of my life.

About a year later, You don’t own me 2 speaks of the results of that decision and gives a peep into the journey so far.


Piercing deep, heart to back, head to toe

Ripping apart every nerve of strength

Screaming so loud with such quiet echoes

Pain, yes u’re named this time

Pain, I’m not afraid of you anymore

Pain, your cuts sting but i’ll live on

Pain, a word that doesn’t describe you well enough

Pain, a disaster ever lurking to roar

Pain, a voracious chameleon refusing to die

Pain, we’ve come this far but I’l never give up

Pain, you’ve won my enemies and stolen my friends

Pain, you’ve driven deeper using my foes

And hit harder using my friends as blows

Pain, your lies are real but never true

Your cuts scar but not eternally

Pain, no matter how smart you play,

We both know you’ll never win

Cos you don’t own me, He does.

  • – Summer-Ice…

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6 thoughts on “YOU DON’T OWN ME (Poem)

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  2. Ms. Adeyemi, I don’t even try to pretend to know everything or even much, if anything.
    To me, love and knowledge speak volumes for who a person really is.
    To command a small work force, one must know the subject-matter, know your workers, and know the words well enough to communicate effectively with your workers and your client.
    To command words, only the sky is the limit, for you would be the Maestro.
    You cloak your feelings well with words, so I cannot be sure of what, if anything, is the cause or reason for this.
    But I do know words.
    Pain: piercing deep, cuts, disaster, driven deeper, hit harder, lies, cuts scar….
    Ms. Adeyemi, Fola, My Dear Friend, I hope you will forgive me but I choose not to continue this.
    I will not cloak these words, this has caused a darkness and sadness within my heart and mind, to the point that it is now raining in my head, my heart is crying out, and my eyes are raining tears of sadness.
    Real or imagined due to mean spiteful words….
    OH that I or another real Friend were there. I only pray that this is simply a display of your command of words, but I fear it is not.
    Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

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    • Thanks a lot for taking your time to place your comment. I do appreciate it. I wish i had the right words to express my response, but i should be honest, i’ve read your comment over and over but i seem to always get lost somewhere along the way. I do wish you could clarify for better understanding. Thanks again.

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    • Ms. Adeyemi, Fola, I couldn’t tell if this was simply your great command of words, or if something had happened to you, and to be honest, by the time I was finished I was crying, because I thought something had happened to you.
      I will admit I got wordy, for the fact that I was tempted to say more but knew it was not my place.

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      • wow, this touched me. i wish i could reply you on a more private platform but being sincere, yet having in mind that this is a rather public platform,i would say, those words in the poem are an expression of my state of mind at that time. I’m a whole lot better now, much more better. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I really appreciate it.
        And a big kudos to notinmyworld for your awesome work!

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        • Fola, you are very welcome, and it makes me feel really good that I was on a level that made it possible for you and I to communicate meaningfully.
          I could write a book on the blues, but, no time….

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