When would this nightmare end, first, Hilda serves him divorce papers and now his past had come to haunt him. He dawned the glass of liquor and ordered another one.
“Keep it coming!! “he yells even as he gets enveloped in the waves of his thoughts.

Four hours earlier…….

” Katrina how did you find me?how are you here? ”
” It’s so happens that there are these pretty huge things called planes, they happen to take you where you pay them to go. “she smirks.
He wished he could punch that smirk off her pretty face. god!!! She was beautiful, if only she wasn’t the biggest pain in the ass, he would have……… He is jolted back to reality when she waves her hand across his face.
” Hello!!! Thought I lost you for a moment, what has you fascinated, airplanes? “She smiles mischievously. She was no fool she knew the effect she had on him and if she decided to use it tonight, God help him. Get a grip on yourself man, he chided himself, did he want to be pinned down a second time.
” I got your address from your cousin, apparently she gets really chatty after a few dirty martinis. “she flashes him a devilish grin.
Oh Lord, what was she up to now.
” Katrina, why are you here ? ”
” Isn’t obvious baby, I have missed you, you know. “she leans in and he notices she has left a number of buttons undone showing a huge view of her cleavage.
Konye sighs,now he knew he was a dead man. He tries to protest but it winds up as a mere whisper,she is so close to him now, he swallows hard.

” This is what you left in England, obviously your Nigerian wife is no good, if I still drive you crazy, I can see you want me, where is she by the way? Run away?”she laughs hysterically,catwalking around his chair, swinging her hips as she does and then pauses behind him she whispers in his ears, seductively.
“I am the one for you Konye when will you realize that. “This was getting out of hand and he knew he was in big trouble if they wound up in bed. He clenches his fist and stands up.
” I need you to leave, Katrina and don’t you ever come back!!! ”
She begins to laugh and then her face breaks into a mean look.
” I am here to stay Konye, I brought your son, he wants to meet his daddy. ”


” What!!! ”
” What do you mean my son, i thought…… ”
She cuts him off in mid-sentence.
” Thought what? That i would go through with the abortion,I would have, but I didn’t when I heard that the love of my life had taken off without, Konye, you bastard!!! You ruined my life, I was meant to go to Oxford you know or Harvard but I couldn’t because your betrayal devastated me, dad disowned me, threw me out, my reputation ruined . Who wants to marry and take care some other guy’s kid? ”
“I never asked you to keep him!!! “he yells.
” No you didn’t, but I did anyway, he is leverage, I found out you came into a lot of money, as the vice president of Kora automobiles. I gather you have the second largest shares in the company and you own your dad’s estate. I want to stay here and make something out of my life, I am staying at my grandparents’. Your wife doesn’t have to know about our rendezvous, just give me something to make myself comfortable in your country. I hear there are men who won’t scare off easy,here.”
“You are blackmailing me? ”
” Oh no, I am taking what is mine I was supposed to be Mrs Phillips remember? Your plan was to trick me into getting rid of the pregnancy so I would have no hold on you, you lied to me, said you would marry me, we talked about announcing our engagement and all, said you weren’t ready to be father yet, that there was time for a litter if we wanted. I almost fell for it, but I developed cold feet at the quack’s entrance , I called you but I kept getting your answering machine, and then I got to your house and saw it was cleaned out. You owe me big, Konye, you do!!!”she glares at him, her face glistening with tears.
“Oh god, I loved you so much, I was such a fool, but no more!!!”
“Look I am so sorry Katey, Dad said I couldn’t be saddled with marriage yet, six years ago I wasn’t, okay, I had my whole life in front of me, my career. He assured me I would lose everything. ”
“Oh spare me all of that, Konye, I don’t want your explanation, I want my life back, actually I told your son you died anyway, before we could get married and don’t worry, it would stay that way. I would be leaving for Abuja next week once I have gotten my one billion naira. ”
“one billion naira is it? and you will stay away from me. ”
” Yes I will.”
“I would have my bank wire it to you, now leave my house Katrina. ”
She puts her gloves and hat, picks her bag and catwalks towards the door, she stops in front of Konye and Hilda’s wedding picture.
” Oh, look who you had to settle for, glad she is got nothing on me, have great life, Konye. ”
She opens the door and walks out of the house,brushing past a pained Hilda who drops her traveling bag.


” Konye, I thought I was wrong, I leave for a day and you bring your whore to our home!!To think I actually came here to give us another chance. See you in court!!!”
“Hilda, Hilda!!! “he calls out after following her to the gate and holds it.
” Let me out Konye, I am going to get a  restraining order. “he opens the gate and follows her to her car.”
” Pls babe,let me explain, hear me out pls. “She gets into her car and drives away. He walks back in dejected, he yells for gateman.
” Akan!!! “he comes out from the boys quarters.
” Yes oga!! ”
” You imbecile, did employ you to gossip with the chef and the maids or to watch the gate. ”
” Sorry Oga”he responds scratching his head.
“If you can’t stay at your duty post, get out my house!!!! Let me find someone else who can. ”
” Ha, Oga no vex, I fit well well. ”
Konye shuts the door and leans against it, his head pounding. He walked up to the table, picks up the glass cup and throws it against the wall angrily.
” Damn you Katrina!!!! ”
He picks up his car keys. There would be no sleep for him today, he needed to get really wasted.


Tyler arrives at the club with his band members, the club manager didn’t know who he signed up, he asked for volunteers for an open mic night, his band thought him insane when he announced that they would be playing at the most popular club in town, they asked how they would get in, he just told them to pray in the Holy Ghost, God made a way in the Red Sea,this is a small thing. Then he got the call this morning.
They had prayed all week for this and for the souls who would be there. The manager sends for them, they are escorted in by his bouncers, the door opens to reveal  the manager seated with a Cuban cigar in his mouth.
He takes in their appearance. Leather jackets, guitars, leather boots, chains and all, they fit the profile he expected. He wanted a band and that’s what he had..
“I hope you are as good as you look,” he turns to face his assistant.
“Put the customers out of their misery with the looney tunes they are listening to apparently someone pissed off Clyde, get him stoked, so he would be ready to play some lively music while the Buzz, play. ”
Tyler almost laughs,at the expression on his crew’s faces.
Yeah I know, daddy has got a huge sense of humor, I tell ya.
I am right behind you, I have got to hear this for myself. “Just then his phone rings, he curses and says.
” I guess I would be too occupied with this call. ”
They lead them out to the waiting room . Tyler asks for a moment with his crew.
” Okay guys, you saw how it played out, we are up, it’s time to pull down the kingdom of darkness and establish the Kingdom of his dear son, are you ready. ”
” Yes we are. ”
” You know the drill, we are doing our version of Tye tribbett’s When the rocks hit the ground and then we slip into not guilty by Mandisa.I would get our video to the guy working the projector. You guys go set-up. Let’s go stand Unashamed. They all chorus “Yeah!!”
Soon they begin, Konye looks up from his drink to the projector even as the Mc announces them and everyone sits.
“Felt just like a set-up somehow I knew it was this time, I didn’t really wanna do it…………………… “Tyler began as everyone listened with rapt attention,eyes moving from him to the video and back to him all through.. Konye watched as the Story of the adulterous woman played out and what Jesus response was.
How did this guys get a pass into this club, he wondered, was Donald seeing this? He chuckled to himself trying to picture Donald’s expression right now.
By now they were done singing and everyone fell silent.
Konye began to laugh hysterically and clap.
“Wow, this a first, so Jesus boys came for the lost in the club, came to save them some souls.” He staggers to the  front.
“So Jesus does not condemn me, really? Then why do I feel that he is  punishing me, why are things falling apart all around me ehn. Go on, answer. ”
” The devil has come to steal, to kill and to destroy but Jesus has come that  you may have life abundantly. He has a salvation package for you but you can only access it by accepting it, believe him, so you can be saved from this present evil age, from the devil’s mission to take everything from you, he is out to take it all from you, your marriage, your son. I know, Jesus doesn’t want that for you. He won so you never have to lose ever again, he paid the price so you don’t have to bear it again.
” So what, you took a wild guess and you are right about my marriage and son. ”
Tyler smiles.
” Oh no, Konye Phillips, this is more than a guess. Jesus told me, same way he told me your name. ”
Konye begins to laugh hysterically then he begins to cry as he leaves the club. Just a very angry club manager comes with his bouncers.


” Throw them out, Clyde get this party going now!!!!! ”
They are led out. Clyde begins to play his mix.
Outside, they form a circle to pray, four people from the club a group of three girls and one elderly man join them. Tyler looks up to heaven with a smile. Then he begins.
” Don’t you just love Jesus, Oh Jesus we love you, we say thank you, thank you, for the cross for boldness………..”
They pray and the four people confess Jesus as Lord.


Konye starts his car and drives off in full speed,crying and cursing……


4 thoughts on “UNASHAMED 5(i)

  1. This is great story telling.
    Had my attention locked and focused. The bit where the band gets into a club to win souls… That’s just bold and fresh.
    The word of knowledge part is really intriguing but I have to say I find Konye’s reaction to its accuracy a bit less than what I’d expect. Maybe it’s me but I expected him to be stunned somewhat.
    Konye’s not going to have it easy with Holds. Boy! Do I feel for him!

    Lastly, Katrina’s demand for 1 billion naira is, for me, well… Just unbelievable!
    I don’t care how rich anybody is, no-one succumbs to that sort of blackmail. It’s not like the naira is that devalued.

    Still a great tale. I’ll read on. Cheers.


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