I am two,

Divided in many varieties.

I am usually black,

But i’m actually white.

White is tough to reveal,

But i strive to all the same

Yet they keep seeing black

Cos black keeps getting in their face disguised as me

Black pushes them away

To push me further away from white

And all that white has for me.

Black rips my heart apart

But I take responsibility for black

Because i know black’s plan.

Black blurs me out continually

Calling itself me.

Black wants me to be it,

But i’l never let it be

It’s got everyone fooled but me

I am white

And though sometimes i’m too blurred to believe

Cos white seems to always lose to black

I’l never give in to black,

I’l never give up on white,

Cos white is who I am.

And white is who i’ll be

-Summer Ice


Your opinion could be the ICE breaker, so please do leave a comment.

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