Konye pulled into the driveway, the familiar pain in his chest gnawed at him. He had a long day, thankfully the pile of workload did a lot to keep him distracted, but now he was back and in their house, the pain was fresh. It felt as though his insides were being ripped out. How was he going to cope to night, with the house and bed just as empty as he felt.
He swallowed hard, fighting back the tears that threatened to fall. He couldn’t grant her divorce, no he couldn’t, he would fight for her, he would have to woo her again, he would start over. Yes, she got really paranoid believing the thoughts that he could be seeing someone else,but he was also to blame, he knew the woman he married, Helen had dreams, he got so wrapped up in his and left her to bury hers,made her become this woman who just sat down waiting for husband to return home every night, he had stopped taking her out after they got married, heck, he couldn’t remember saying he loved her lately or giving any compliments, when had he become this self-absorbed. He couldn’t remember when last he saw her smile and that was something that drew him to her, she was unhappy. She was who he made her into.
Oh he had to fight for her, fight for their marriage, he sighs as he opens their bedroom and her fragrance feels the air. He couldn’t bring himself to sleep here tonight, the sofa in the living room would do, he would clean out the spare room tomorrow. It was going to be a long night, he was grateful that tomorrow was Saturday, he was so restless, he decided to drink “drowning his sorrows in a bottle” at least for the night because they would be back in full force afterwards.
He thought back to their friendship period and how he had felt like he understood her and there was no one who got him like she did,as he poured the liquor into a glass and sat musing,downing the stiff drink and pouring himself one full glass after another. The sound of the door bell jolts him from his reverie.
Who could it be?Maybe Hilda came back to her senses and decided to come home.


He opens the door and freezes at the sight before him, his face drained of color, he holds the door to steady himself.
“Katerina? “.
Katerina removes her hat and gloves dumps them on him and walks into the house, her heels clinking on the tiles, taking in the state of the parlour and shaking her head in disgust.
” How delightful it is to see you again, Konye Phillips. “she says in her British accent as she helps herself to his unfinished drink.

Kike eyed the cast on her leg, she couldn’t wait to get out of the cast, she missed her morning runs on Saturdays, after which mummy would pass her a bowl of ice cream and popcorn,she chuckled, but blinked back tears as it slowly dawned on her that she won’t see her mum ever again.
“Oh mother!!! “she gasps letting the tears flow freely and then breaks into a sob.
” I miss you mum”she whispers
“I wish someone could wake me up and say this was all a bad dream. Who would scold me for doing something and yet do the very same thing and say it’s not the same?Who would call me doc and ruffle my hair? ”
” Oh mother!!! I told you that Bayo was trouble but you won’t listen, you said I am not an excellent judge of character and reminded me of the incident with Tyler years ago. ”
Just then she hears a knock on her door.
” Oh God let it be dad, not Tyler, I can’t be in the same room with him alone. ”
She quickly dries her eyes with her handkerchief, runs her hand through her hair, adjusts her gown and responds.
” Come in!!! ”
The door opens to reveal Tyler, in his usual calm demeanor, he smiles showing of beautiful dentition and dimples.
Oh God, what was she to do, she couldn’t bring herself to even be angry with this awesomeness. She turns shyly to the other side. He was as breathtaking as she remembered him,her guards were totally down, she couldn’t let history repeat itself .
“Kike”he started
She turns to face him, forcing her face into a smile.
“how are you feeling today? ”
” Fine ” she replies fixing her gaze on the window beside him, as she was avoiding his eyes.
” I am so sorry about everything that has happened, your mother was a pleasant woman, a successful Events planner, I am so sad she won’t be here planmy album launch.”He hangs his head in regret .
“How are you holding up, Kiks? ”
She winces at his use of his fond name for her.
” Tyler don’t!!! ”
” I appreciate your concern and your not walking away when you saw me, bringing me to the hospital, but don’t you dare bring up the past or expect us to suddenly forget all that’s happened in five years and get back to being best buds okay. You shouldn’t have accepted daddy’s invitation, it was a big mistake. ”
Tyler smiled and she clenched her first, she wished she could punch the smile right off his gorgeous face. He had acquired a great deal of confidence, nothing fazed him lately, since he became” spiritual “Hey Kike, I am so sorry, I just wanted you to know I am here for you and God is too. If you ever want to let it out. It wasn’t a play at friendship with you. You have made it clear that we are better off without it. But I do not want animosity anymore, I really want us to be at least polite with each other or civil, I am tired of the stone cold glares, the annoyance clearly in your features. I want a truce of sorts okay, pls let go of something that happened five years ago. A whole lot has happened in those five years you know.I got this for you,I brought my iPod, i want you to just listen to the songs on my Playlist and tell me what you think.Pls take your time. ”


Just then the door opens and her dad comes in, preventing her from voicing her really stern reply.
“I see you too are bonding good”
“Good afternoon Sir, I was just leaving actually. ”
” I am afraid son, but I can’t let you go and waste this pretty good lunch,so insist that you stay and have lunch with us. ”
” Oh okay, since you insist. ”
Tyler sits down on the sofa in her room, trying his best to avoid Kike’s heated glare.


He hates who he has become, a criminal, running from the Law, he didn’t bargain for this, heck!! He didn’t even want this. He freezes every time he sees a police car, or hears a siren even if it’s an ambulance. This was the result of greed and the evil group he joined, the League of Assassins.He should have known that a crazy group who fancy themselves. as the group in Arrow, would be no good. He wanted wealth, he wanted power. They said it will better after the first kill, he would fear nothing, yeah right, it is.
He keeps looking over his shoulder even with his hood and glasses, he needs to get away from here, a change of identity, Marcus had promised to help but to do that, he needs to brace himself for his final kill.

Thanks guys for reading thus far, I know what your thinking, who is Katrina? Who is going to be the final kill? You will find out soon, keep reading, liking and leaving your comments. Thanks


10 thoughts on “UNASHAMED 4

  1. Wow!!!
    Being a while I read a piece like dis, did a good nums on dis story, letting go of wat u want takes a lot, love hurts, at dsame time love heal!
    More greace to ur elbow Steph!!!


  2. nice story dear
    it hurts to love and leave
    it hurts more…
    when the other doesn’t lend a land
    when one is left alone to lift the lid
    All alone
    it hurts alot


  3. Amazing stories by an amazing author. The suspense is from Krypton. Keep it up.
    Simply breathtaking.
    PS: Hope you took permission from Ra’s Al Ghul


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