Konye’s neck throbbed like crazy, he had most likely cramped it with his sleeping position the night before, he stares unseeing at his laptop screen, Hilda gave him the silent treatment that morning, every attempt at conversation was met with an angry scowl, he had never been so glad to be out of the house, it was as though he was walking on hot coals the entire time.
He put his face in his hands.His office phone rings jolting him from his reverie. He picks up the phone.
“Yes, Rhoda”
“A Barrister Fredrick wants to see you sir, shall i send him up? ”
“Barrister? “he muses for a while then responds.
” Pls send him in. ”
” Right away sir !! ”
” Barrister”he says to himself.
Soon there is a knock on his door.
“Pls come in. ”
A stocky middle-aged mandatory with a bald head, walks in, his nose in the air, as though he owns the place, carrying a briefcase.
” Barrister Fredrick, I believe”
He stands to offer a hand to the man, who declines it and says.
“It’s Barrister Dr Fredrick Imasuen, Mr Konye Phillips, there is no time to exchange pleasantries as the matter which has brought me here is of grave importance to my client. ”
” Your client? and who might that be. ”
” Your wife, Hilda Phillips has filed for a divorce, here are the papers. ”
” On what grounds, Barrister?”
“It’s all stated there, Mr Phillips, I believe you can read and write. Good day Mr Phillips, i’ll be back to pick it up tomorrow, in the meantime, you are not to look for her as she isn’t a missing person, she needs her space . She says if you don’t comply, she would get a restraining order. She has moved her things out of the house. I will take my leave now”.
Konye didn’t realize he had been gritting his teeth as the man spoke, till the door was shut, it was all he could do not to punch him in the face at his condescending tone.
So this was it, Hilda couldn’t even gave him the heads up about it, she deliberately set it up this way because seeing him would have made it harder.
Oh God he loved her, he couldn’t let her go, he couldn’t face the world without her, how could this have gotten out of hand, he looked at the paper before him and almost screamed as it caught his eye, she was divorcing him on grounds of infidelity.
“Oh Lord!! “he gasps, his face draining of colour, as he sinks into his chair, dazed.


Kike wakes up with a start, she feels pain in her head and winces as she tries to adjust to the room’s lighting, where was she? Slowly the events of last night came rushing back all at once and she felt fresh pain this time emotional, it felt like her heart was being ripped out. The door opens and she looks up to see a nurse come in. How did she get here?
“Good morning Miss Kike, glad you are finally awake, about the pain,”she adds seeing her wince.
“you fell down a flight of stairs and hit your head on your way down”
“How did i get here?”
” Your neighbour heard you scream, saw you and brought you here. ”
She opens her mouth to ask who it was but the question dies on her lips as the door opens and she hears her dad’s voice.
“How’s my favourite girl in the world feeling ?” he kisses her cheek and places the chocolate and flowers on her bedstand.
“Dad, you came! “He gives her a hug, as she sobs into his shoulder.
“Sshh!! It’s okay baby, I am here now, I took the next available flight down here when Tyler called. “She blinks through her tears.
” Tyler? Tyler is the neighbor that brought me here? that crazy s.u neighbour of ours? ”
” Hey! Language Kike, that crazy s.u guy as you call him saved your life and I thought you were friends sometime and you even had a crush on him somewhat, plus he doesn’t look like an s.u now, do you know what that means? He gyms you know plays golf and tennis, how many s.u’s are that cool”
She sighs” I owe him a thank you I guess and that’s all not like we are about to become best buds or anything, all that ended a long time ago, he is a freak”
” Glad you haven’t lost your sense of humour baby. ”
” Daddy, Mummy……….. “her voice trails off as the pain in her chest intensifies & and tears stream down her face blurring her vision.”
“It’s okay baby, I can’t believe she is gone either and in this manner,it’s unbelievable!!! Specialists are flying into the country this week for an autopsy. Victoria isn’t suicidal, she seemed happy. The few times we talked this year, she always sounded pretty excited and in love, Bayo this, Bayo that, Victoria loved life, too much, she wouldn’t give it up, I believe it was taken from her. ”
” Dad? you think Mum was murdered?”she says in a voice more like a whisper.
“Yes I do sweetheart. ”
” By whom? ”
” I don’t know for sure but my first and only suspect is the Bayo guy. ”
” Why dad, why would he kill her? for money or out of spite, Mum wasn’t super rich like you. ”
” But your Mum had access to your trust fund money, that was a pretty lump sum of money. ”
” One worth killing her for? ”
” You have no idea do you? that money set you up for life,  baby.”
Kike was dumbfounded, she could have been able to fund her music career and maybe start a clothing line.
“Why didn’t you tell me dad? ”
Her Father sighs, wiping the sweat off his brow with his handkerchief.
” It was a surprise planned for your graduation, we wanted you to at least finish school before we told you because your Mum was afraid you will go and stay on your own and live a wayward life, doing drugs and music. ”
” Is that what you thought too dad? Mum told me you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me if you heard that I chose music over med school, that you won’t be proud of me, and you would leave me for your other children Leila would bear for you. ”
” Hey, your Mum, Victoria had always being a drama queen, sorry to speak ill of the dead, right I was excited when she said you got Admission to study Psychology in a cool private University , she said you wanted to be just like me, I believed her, I thought you were doing what you loved, I was proud of you and I wanted to support you. ”
The nurse comes in interrupting their conversation.
” I am sorry sir, but visiting hours are over, dear you’ve got to rest, you will see dad tomorrow. ”
” Okay baby, rest alright, I will come with Tyler tomorrow at lunch just giving you the heads up dear, we would have lunch together here as a thank you to him.Your favourite pizza and some ice cream should do, right babe. ”
She nods smiling as he kisses her forehead.
” Daddy loves you, okay. ”
” I love you too. ”
She sighs as the nurse escorts her dad out and the smile gives way to a frown.
She was going to have to suck up to that Tyler. She clenches her fist.
So much for a yummy lunch!!! Why did he have to find her huh?but what if he hadn’t, and no one else had, she would be dead. She couldn’t die now, at twenty.


Tyler sings in the shower as he scrubs his body.
“I will worship you forever, love you forever because, this God is too good o. ”
He was so excited, he couldn’t explain it but somehow he knew God was setting him for something good today. Well he always did. He smiles, stepping out of the bath-tub and looking at his reflection in the mirror while he shaves.
” As he is so am I in this world, my God is handsome, so am I. “he begins to sing in tongues even as he rinses his face and begins to dress up, when he is ready to go, he stands in front of the board bearing his daily confessions and begins with a broad smile.
” I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
I am seated with Christ at God’s right hand in the heavenly places…. “just then he hears a knock on his door. He knew that knock anywhere, Pneuma was four thus he had small hands, making them into a fist and knocking amused Tyler a lot.


Pneuma was always eager to get a chance to knock. Tyler grinned and opened the door.
” If it isn’t my favourite nephew in the world, Pneuma.”
“Uncle Tyler! “Pneuma smiles showing some missing teeth, the kid lifted up his hands to be carried.
” Pneuma, you are big boy now you know, carrying is baby stuff.”seeing that his nephew wouldn’t budge he sighs and carries him up.
“Confessions yay!!! “Pneuma’s face lit up at the sight of his board.Reading the confessions was going to be a lot longer than usual, as Pneuma insisted he should say each word after his Uncle, he was late for the library, but he couldn’t deny his nephew, he would just stay home till close to lunch time when he would head to the hospital. This would be the most time he has spent with Kike in five years. He couldn’t say he looked forward to it with enthusiasm.


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