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Hilda winces in pain, her head was pounding, it felt as though it would explode,she could stand her aunt’s scolding anymore, she had come lamenting about her marital issues expecting a shoulder to lean on in aunt Lilian, all she got was this instead.
“You need to suck it up Hilda, men must cheat, it’s the norm but you need to keep your man, whining, crying and nagging will only send him away, you need to brace yourself, expect this but keep cooking his food and making happy in bed and stop sulking, he will leave that skimpy girl and come running home every night”
Hilda shoots her aunt a confused look.
“Wipe that look off your face Hils, you are not a baby anymore so if you came to be pampered by me, you chose the wrong woman, baby. I will tell you as it is, you are just two years in marriage, at thirty, no one is ready to marry a divorcee, so you need to think smart, Konye is a catch, he would find a new wife in a jiffy who would give him beautiful sons and daughters.”Just then Aunty Lilian’s phone rings.
“Excuse me a moment Hils. ”
Hilda sighs and takes a large swig of the red wine before her,dabbing her eyes. Grateful for the interruption she calls for ice for her throbbing head,the maid goes to get it.She had to come up with an excuse to leave, what did she think when she came here, that her aunt whose husband was a known rake,with countless of mistresses scattered around town would tell her something different from what she had heard ?
The maid returns with the ice pack, as her aunt returns from making the call.
“Now look at you, you have worked yourself up to a headache, while Konye is having a great time ehn, you want to give yourself BP(high blood pressure) at thirty. “she yells.
Oh this woman was going to give her the BP herself right now if she kept yelling like that, she had to get away now and fast. She places the ice pack in the bowl and cuts in before her aunt could further infuriate her.
” Aunty thanks so much for your advice, I hate to say I would have to cut the visit short, I need to pick up some foodstuffs from the market and shop for dinner. ”
Her aunt gives her a glare that seemed to bore a hole into her, saying she isn’t buying her excuse. Hilda holds her breath not knowing what she would say next but is relieved when she hears her next statement.
” Okay, Hilda, cook that food well and make him remember why he married you and not them,I know you are a sensible woman and you wouldn’t throw away your life for nothing, if you were staying longer I would have told you how I handled, Greg’s infidelity and how I am a happy woman for it. ”
At her last statement, Hilda nearly laughed out loud, wow!! Her aunt handled her uncle’s infidelity, her aunt, happy, now that was new. She heads for the safety of the door but stops in her tracks at her aunt’s next words.
” So because you are a married woman now, you won’t kiss your dear aunt good bye. ”
She rolls her eyes inwardly and goes back to plant a kiss on her aunt’s cheek.
” Of course not Aunty Lilly, good bye ma”. She leaves the house feeling as though she would gag. If mum got wind of this she laugh out long and hard.


Kike opens the note and sees that it is typed, things couldn’t be more weird, when did mum have time to type, she used to beg Kike to type on her behalf when she needed to type a formal letter. She begins to read:

Dearest daughter,
I am so sorry you had to find out this way, I am frustrated with life, Bayo has left me, just as your father left me, I can’t stand it, I can’t take it, I am a mess. I have chosen to end it once and for all. I love you always.

the note drops from her hands, dazed, her head feeling suddenly heavy, she makes her way upstairs, and through the open door she sees her mum hanging from a rope tied to the fan. She lets out a piercing scream, retreats slowly out of the room, loses her footing on the staircase and is sent tumbling down till she lay sprawled at the foot of the stairs.

Tyler stops to catch his breath close to his neighbor’s house, he had been jogging from the tennis court, his racket in a bag on one arm, suddenly he hears a loud scream and a crash, he turns to the direction of the sound, what could that be? the scream was piercing, it was still in his head, his first impulse was to go in but, he wondered what Kike’s reaction would be if she saw him and there was nothing amiss.She hated his guts.Ever since he told her he didn’t feel the same way she felt five years ago when she professed her love for him. He knew he didn’t handle the situation well, she was broken, he thought time would heal the wound but Kike won’t just let it go, but he knew he just couldn’t ignore the nudging towards the house so he walked to their pouch, tried the door knob and it opened, he walked in and said “Hello, Kike, Mrs Williams!!”
The silence was unsettling, he gets close to the stairs and sees Kike sprawled on the floor with a pool of blood gradually formed around her head.
“Oh God!!! “he gasps and lifts her up in his arms, to his house yelling for his mum.
” Mum, my car keys please.”
“Son,is that you? what’s…….. “her voice trails off on seeing her son with Kike in his arms, unconscious, she rushes in to get the keys.
” Where’s her mother? what happened to her? “she rambles on
” Mum, I need to get her to the hospital please call Uncle Lekan, I think something is amiss, but I won’t have you go there alone to check it out, let Uncle Lekan take care of things. Pls tell him there’s been an emergency at the Williams house. ”
He starts the car and pulls out the driveway, his mum rushes in to make the call, soon the area is swamped with police cars, sirens blaring.


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