Hi people, I am so sorry I couldn’t complete “Trapped in the movie”,due to some technical issues that have been resolved now.I apologize , please join me as I begin a brand new series titled “Unashamed”.I would be posting a new part biweekly(twice a week). Thanks for all your comments on Trapped in the Movie,I look forward to reading your comments on this new series. Cheers!!!



  ⁠⁠⁠ Fumbling with the keys, Konye cursed, Hilda had locked him out of  his own house, she had threatened to do it since she saw the lipstick stain on his shirt, despite his plea that he only hugged a colleague congratulations on her wedding at work totally forgetting that she wore lipstick,he had already explained that he would be late because of board meetings and the like but Hilda would have none of that. When had Hilda become this insecure, nagging woman in just two years of marriage with no kids yet? he thought to himself as he finally let himself in. He knew she would be waiting in the living room, lights off and angry as hell. He didn’t have the strength to quarrel tonight,one-week of board meetings that spanned far into the night was finally taking its toll on him, he longed for his bed. Only God could save him tonight from Hilda’s wrath.  The lights came on, revealing his wife, beautifully clad in a white dinner gown with an open back, her brazillian hair left flowing cascading down her shoulders and back, her beautiful lips curved into a frown, and her beautiful big eyes glared daggers, sitting at the dinning table with dishes set before her and candles that ought to have been lit, a bottle of champagne halfway gone, sipping from her glass,he just knew he was toast , he had totally forgotten their anniversary was today, he was an idiot,he thought to himself. He just stood rooted to the spot, expecting her to come lashing at him any moment but she didn’t, instead, she walked out of the parlour into the bedroom and slammed the door, he was left to sleep on the couch with no sheets or pillow,he missed out on a memorable night making love with his beautiful wife. How could he make this up to her,he wondered. His sleepy head couldn’t comprehend. He just lay on the couch and slept off praying that he won’t be killed in his sleep.
Kike lit a cigarette and watched her course mates dance around the fire, girls swinging their backsides this way and that, rubbing them against the guys. This place was a drug hive, all sorts of cracks were in use, marijuana, cocaine, heroine and so on,and the drinks.. ….. she chuckled to herself , Stanley had outdone himself this time, throwing the hippest parties were his forte and he threw this to level the opposition for the award, Mr Popular, she wondered why it seemed like such a big deal to him. She looked at her wristwatch and shook her head, mum and her boyfriend would still be making out on the couch and she would throwup this time if she walked in on them doing it again.After her parent’s divorce, she had stayed back in Nigeria because mum won full custody, you should have seen her then, all prim and proper, your ideal wife, crying and winning the Jury over, good actress she was, she was glad that at least there was no restraining order, dad was still allowed to visit and the few times he did were always memorable. Suddenly she heard a girl whimpering and pleading for someone to get off her and then she heard some guys laughing. She stubs out the cigarette and walks towards the direction of the voices.In the clearing, secluded from the lights of the bonfire, she makes out the figure of  some guy tearing at a skinny light-skinned girl’s clothes while she whimpers and struggles to get him off her and his friends stood around them drinking and cheering. Her anger is kindled at the sight, cursing under her breath she yells.  “Hey!!! ” Seeing she is got their attention, she grits her teeth, clenches her fist and adds” leave her alone!! ” Grateful for the distraction, the girl stumbles to her feet and flees. Their attention fully turned to her, they begin to walk towards her,blocking any way of escape. Panic grips her she finds herself rooted to the spot unable to move, she really didn’t think this through, she shuts her eyes and sighs. Just then a siren is heard and everyone begins to run in several direction including theirs, she gets away in the commotion, running like hell towards her home which is close by, via a shortcut that she is familiar with. At school tomorrow she would hear the news, she knew they would get away with it as Stanley’s folks were well-connected and loaded too. The Police would be easy to sort. She lets herself into the house and sighs, pausing to catch her breath. She had never been this glad she was home. She wondered at the silence, the house appeared empty with all the lights off. She ought to hear her mum’s high pitched laughter coming from the bedroom if she was upstairs with Bayo or were they in the middle of………
She shook her head in disgust as if the gesture would shake away the thought, she turns on the light frowns at the disarray of the living room, taking in the scene, her gaze lingers on the center table, beside the two glass half-filled with wine, was a note. Since when did mother leave notes for her, couldn’t she have called, she glances at her phone and sees no missed calls or text message from her mum, she sighs and picks up the note.

9 thoughts on “UNASHAMED- 1

  1. Good job Stephanie… Though I didn’t get the full gist but I love the way u orchestrate the story line, it just stole my attention. Can’t wait for the remaining part of the story… Good job


  2. The story has definitely gotten my attention. I believe I’ll surely follow it to the end and I’m really curious about what the note says. Good job Stephanie.


  3. quite interesting, had to scroll down to the end of the page to see if there is a concluding part of the story…great job well done


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  5. Very lovely writing. It seems I don’t have a full grasp of how your posts work. I just read two beautiful pieces but dont know if they are the same story featuring two diff people or if they are part of entirely different stories. Great job though.


    • Thanks Kore, it’s actually one story capturing people with individuals lives at first before some circumstance throws them together or should i say merges their lives. The way episodes of a soap is shown, with different scenes and individual lives of different people who are linked. Thanks for the comments.


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