April’s fool!

See me o, I over heard someone scream ”April fool” this morning and I shrug it off as a joke of some sort. Then i heard another person and then another, I was totally lost.

Lemme explain, I had a very important program slated for 31st March, which I was eagerly preparing to attend, I had even daydreamed the event and all its benefit to me.
I felt so so so terrible when all the april fool noise I was hearing this morning forced me to check the calendar only to realize that Mar31st was yesterday! The date had passed while i was still expectantly awaiting it, thinking it was upper Monday! I couldn’t believe myself.
I wished someone would just come and say April fool! And then I could sigh and get back to life as I wanted it. Like seriously, I felt like April’s fool, only this time, it was no fooling, was for real. E pain me sha #SummerIce


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