DIY cute crochet booties: How To Make them.


If you love crocheting, here is a super cute idea for you to make a sleek crochet baby booties. Aren’t they so cute? And ofcourse, a super saver as compared to regular baby shoes. They are also perfect gifts for baby showers. Or make some for your little ones to keep their little feet warm and cozy.

Take this idea further to make one for adults! You can use other colors of yarn to create your own unique design. Happy crocheting!

To make these cute crochet booties, you’ll need:

  • Yarn: beige and dark brown, or other colour combinations of your choice.
  • Hook No. 3
  • Cute buttons.
  • Drawing pencil and carton box sheet{ to trace and cut out the shoe sole using an existing shoe}

You can also crochet your way to some cute pair of shoes that resemble an original petite piece of Nike or Converse.

Click here:Watch video to learn how!

diy crochet-baby-converse.jpg

diy baby-sneaker-f.jpg




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