Don’t kill Yourself trying to live for others

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  • Take care of yourself.
  • Build Character.
  • Grow capacity.
  • Spread out the Love, even to those who don’t deserve it.
  • No matter how tight, make room to smile, and enjoy moments.
  • Take advantage of the tiniest to the biggest opportunity.
  • If no one does, or all else fails, encourage yourself in WISDOM.
  • Continualy seek wisdom.
  • Laugh at your mistakes and challenges, LEARN from them and let them bother you no more.
  • Hold on to your God-given dream; don’t derail, don’t give up or try to spoil your uniqueness by going with the popular flow. Be original.
  • Develop your skills, develop yourself, practice what you have learnt, prepare yourself. Do not let your opportunity come and meet you unprepared.
  • Don’t wait forever, start working towards your goals, start from where you are and what you have. No step is too small.

All the best!

  • Summer-Ice…®

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