So What?


So the one I love, doesn’t love me. So what?

So despite all my painful sacrifice, my child still hates me. So what?

So after all my efforts and selfless service, I still got fired. So what?

So life is so unfair and I get treated worse than I deserve. So what?

So I get confused, lost, and many times frustrated. So what?

So I make the same mistakes I try so hard to avoid. So what?

So I get misunderstood and taken for the opposite of what I really am. So what?

So I’m not what they want. So what?

So I’m expected to be strong and wise but I sometimes look helpless and foolish. So what?

So I really try to be “me”, but sometimes I just don’t know who “me” is. So what?

So I sometimes miss being or looking good. So what?

So what anyway?

Ain’t I human?

Ain’t I striving hard?

Was Rome built in a day?

Do Roses not have thorns?

Has any man ever lived without a moment of pain or flaw?

Aren’t pure treasures buried earth deep for a reason?

Isn’t life and its intricacies, what we choose to make of it?

Is there a hero/ heroine who never experienced battle?

Doesn’t beauty and gain without true depth, fade away some day?

Doesn’t life transit in seasons for reasons?

So Life isn’t fair, uhn?

Think again.

  • Summer-Ice… { Jan 26’2016}


2 thoughts on “So What?

  1. lol…Well i think it is the struggles we face in life that makes us human but it is the love of God that makes us superhuman. His love is so mighty so extraordinary that it makes us transcend what ever pain we suffer. He had even said that we would all suffer trials and tribulations in the world, but then again, He said “…be of good courage for I have overcomed the world”. He has made each of everyone a conqueror…You just have to be in presence to experience it.

    Thanks darling for sharing…and kisses!

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