Beyond the impressed Impressions…

Some think of us as having no problems, so in their minds, we’ll never understand what they’re going through.
Some think of us as weak and sinful,so in their minds, we’ll never get it.
Life is beyond what we see on the surface. Its far beyond the smiles, fashionable looks, great shots, highs or lows,
far beyond the pains, the impressed impressions… Look beyond the ordinary, there’s far too much than we see. The better we see, the earlier we reach. #SummerIce



From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


2 thoughts on “Beyond the impressed Impressions…

  1. Well spoken! As followers of Christ, most of us had issues before our belief became a reality. It is in Him that we are able to go through the many challenges that we face during this life journey. Maybe there is a peace and calmness in the midst of those challenges that make people assume we are without struggle. Who really knows?? What I do know is that I am better off being in Him than without Him during our daily walk. Blessings to you.

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    • Amen. thanks a lot for your heartfelt words. that’s so true.God has been my source of peace , joy, strength and so much more amidst several life’s travails. And i wouldnt trade that for anything at all. Thanks a lot for leaving your words. All the Best and more

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