Trapped in the Movie contd.

by Stephanie Ede

Yawning sleepily, Boma adjusts the laptop screen and continues to stare at it with rapt attention,the soap titled Infinity was her present favourite, beside her ,Ben, her twin was watching the seasonal movie,24 on his laptop equally engrossed, both of their phones ringing,

Their elder brother,Kingsley storms into the room angrily.

“What sort of nonsense is going on here?Is this some sort of circus?”

They don’t even realize anyone walked in.He moves close to Ben and gives him a knock on his head.

Ben flares up angrily.

“Which kind thing come be this one na,Bros Kingsley? I dey my own you just dey hit person.”

“Is this how foolish you two are? C’mon answer your phones this minute!!”

Boma sits up abruptly with a frown on her face,clearly jolted out of her movie and angry about it but the frown disappears as soon as she sees her elder brother, she quickly shuts down the system and fumbles for her phone, realizing she’s been sitting on it,she gets up and answers the call.

Kingsley shakes his head.

Ben begins to laugh.

“At least I see who stupid pass me,he he he!!”

His phone had stopped ringing, he reaches for earpiece and resumes playing the movie he was watching, he pauses for a bit to give his brother a wide grin.

After struggling to maintain his frown Kingsley bursts into laughter ,tears running down his cheeks as he does,he ruffles Ben’s hair,touches Boma’s cheeks and leaves the room,they respond with a smile.

Boma says goodnight to Ben and closes her eyes.

To be continued…


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