dancing by the fire 8ffb496c0089fc8455293046e698624aI’ve been dancing around the fire

I started dancing when I started this journey

From dark east to lit west of change

I’ve not had the boldness to go into the fire again

This time to tell in the light

My scarification experience

The tale of what once was.

I’ve read out some excerpts

And hoped that will do

But not even close,not close enough

I’ve just not had the courage

And i sometimes wonder if it matters

but for that one smile

I know it does.

The once scarred me

Now beautifully growing

Sometimes slipping though

And falling real hard to the ground.

Just right at that spot again.

You know what that’s like right?

Oh! I wish to spill.

I do admire seen courage

But I can’t spill it

No I can’t

Oh shutup! Yes I Can!

I will

To the right ears

At the right time.

Who is this that speaks in my ears

Fear or wisdom?

To be Continued…{Dancing To Lit West 2}


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