Shut off the noise

If only you know how God sees you, how He treasures you.You’ld react differently when life talks you down, you’ll smile when people treat you rashly.

You’ll respect everyone without exemption and carry yourself with respect and humility still, knowing that you have been made for more than what the present holds, and there’s a future that awaits you. One that you can’t afford to let all the noise steal from you. Stay focused. Your Best Is Yet To    Come.

there's a future that awaits you


11 thoughts on “Shut off the noise

  1. I have been great, keep writing, I really love how you put words together, how they come together to form concrete emotions, feelings and actions…Hope you are doing great, your posts always motivates me…

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  2. I love this it is so inspirational, I really like how you use your words to give so much expression to life’s happenings ” you’d react differently when life talks you down.” I will remember this when life talks me down. Thanks so much…PS: will get to the challenge one days soon

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