by Stephanie

“Kemi, Kemi,hurry they’ve started Carolina and Sabastian!!!”

Kemi dashes out of the room,and almost trips as she makes her way down the flight of stairs to the parlour to join her friend,Meg to watch the soap.

“You should have called me earlier na, I have missed some parts now.”

Kemi gives her friend a frown,Meg who is engrossed in what she is watching just waves her hand at her friend,indicating sorry,Kemi wastes no time in getting engrossed too.

Behind them,the twins sat making a happy mess of the whole place,the smell of dirty dishes and full dustbin filled the air.

Meg suddenly tapped Kemi.

“What now Meg?” Frowns at being interrupted

“What’s that smell?”,covers her nose with her palm.

“Oh no!! my meat o!,” Kemi runs to the kitchen with Meg not far behind.

Both begin to cough as Kemi turns off the cooker and opens the lid of the pot to reveal the totally burnt meat,( or what remained of the meat which was nothing but black)

Meg glared at her friend, a disgusted look on her face.

“What?spare me that look abeg, like you nor dey burn food, I need house girl abeg,that’s what I need”.

“Yes girl, you really do”, gestures at the heap of plates in the sink and the dustbin,with flies happily feasting in.

To be continued…


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