So you’re having a bad day or struggling hard to stay afloat with deep depression continually calling at you from time to time, hope it helps to know, you’re not alone. My day and as a matter of fact, my life is a testimony of the fact that depression really can be overcome, no matter how deep it is. You just have to be determined to work with God in ensuring that you kick fear and pain in the face, embracing joy no matter the odds.

  • Will it be easy, ofcourse not.
  • Will it be instant, sure not.
  • Will it pay, sure yes!                I’ve got a long way to go but i’m never going back. Never!

In conclusion of the Three-day quote challenge. I’l be rounding off with these. Very big appreciations once again to Chape for putting me forward for this challenge, and to the great minds that have been a part of this. The future holds Great, beautiful things for us. We must not let life’s ups and downs, or depression steal any bit of it from us. And that future begins now. Start Living in it. Much Love!


your life is a message an inspiration an instrument.

quotes love steve maraboliChallenge rules:

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Great Writers/All Nominees


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