Don’t Dim That Light. Enjoy Your Uniqueness!


You speak, and it seems like no one hears

Don't dim that light

You scream, but no one seems to care.

You want to blend,

In other to be heard.

It sometimes feels like you should disappear

But you can’t afford to.

Looking after everyone,

But no one seems to have your back,

Those who claim to care,

Are too busy about their businesses,

Those who actually care

Sometimes have too much to bear,

And then again you wonder.

Don’t dim that light,

Don’t let the glow disappear,

Do it right and be sure you did

Lift your smile like never before,

Laugh and enjoy your uniqueness.

You can’t afford to lose it.

You are Special

Don’t bow to the pressure

To look appealing, just to gain audience.

Cos no matter what you lose

You’ll never gain true fulfillment

Until you understand,

You’re only best being the best of You.

It’l take some time,

Maybe minutes, maybe years,

In the life now, or even after,

But one thing is sure,

He that sees it all,

Rewards it all.

The Best of You

Is the greatest treasure that truly makes a mark.


love youself, enjoy your uniqueness, share lovelove romantic-love-couples-images-17_Fotor



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