the real you summer-ice THE REAL YOU

The You that’s obvious

To the ordinary eyes

I may not know

But the Real You

I know so well

The Real You,

Is powerful,

Yet, Soft.

The Real You,

Is Confident

Yet, Gentle.

The Real You

Has so much to give

Yet, has so much to get

The Real You Conquers,

Yet Submits.

The Real You,

Holds tightly,

Yet Let’s go.

The Real You,

Is discerning,

Yet, Is searching.

The Real You,


Yet, thrives without.

The Real You,

Is content,

Yet, dissatisfied.

The Real You,

Loves to Love

And hates to hate.

The Real You

Soars with eagles

Above highest altitudes

Distinguished above all princes


Crawls with the earthworms

Beneath lowest grounds

Undecipherable amongst all stewards

The Real You

Is the Real You

Find You

Live You

And You’ll Really Live Life.

Summer-Ice… {tues,18 Nov’015}


Your opinion could be the ICE breaker, so please do leave a comment.

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