The true Truth

looking out the window to a beautiful world Could this be a path of lies?
The judgemental reality,
Questions my unquenching smiles.
Hypocrisy some say it is
But the Truth is apt to me
Though blurry, i look even closely
beyond the walls outside this frail window.

In cotton clad, sweat drenched
Lays a heart that sees the world
From the eyes of a fully grown
Child-ful child.

We seem to the world
Like all is well
And though our pain
We laugh and play
Our bodies scream of acheing delight
our hearts cry of conquerous triumphs
Though in cotton clads,
Our bodies lay ,
Weak ,frail seeming helpless
Yet in reality we are living our
Playing in the sand with the fruits of
Our own world.
Though hunted by our own shadows
We are not helpless
And we will never be
And i’m not sorry to say
Cos this is just the true truth
– Summer-Ice

From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


Your opinion could be the ICE breaker, so please do leave a comment.

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