Scare The Shit out of Darkness…

wpid-footprints-of-light.jpg.jpegMay your light scare the shit out of darkness…

by Tomide Olukuade.

Many a times you forget the essence of your light. You even forget that you are one.

See, do not join darkness to undo yourself. The dark fears you already. But it is a master of pretence and deception.

Darkness would borrow from natural elements, from societal dregs, from spirit gutters to project an air of superiority. It’s at this point many back off, drop their stuff and bail. Don’t fall for it.

You own the audacity to spit in the face of fear and keep moving. Once you’ve walked past fear’s borders, you’ve routed the dark. Darkness bows in the presence of your effulgent self.

With your light you can lift the skirt of darkness and thrust her into everlasting ignominy.

You are the light; the fearless one. And you chop up darkness into indecipherable bits. No wonder you scare the shit out of the dark.

Go do that again. Today.
#youarethelightoftheworld #dosomethingwithyourlight
#writing #inspiration #fearless

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4 thoughts on “Scare The Shit out of Darkness…

  1. Yes! You have fears and that’s what makes us human. But inspite of your fear, you keep moving on. Now that’s the real deal. And we must keep practicing courage daily, taking courageous but wise steps towards the fullfiment of our dreams, towards becoming a better me.
    I was kinda surprised though that you said you are fearful everyday, cos u seem so fearless, bold and courageous to me. But no surprise really. Great people have fears too, what keeps us is the ability to deal with them all the same. Thanks ! it’s so great hearing from you


  2. I love this especially “You own the audacity to spit in the face of fear and keep moving.” thanks for this as I prepare to spit in the face of fear today

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    • wow! that’s interesting. And yes we do own that audacity to spit in the face of fear. I keep practicing that daily and hope more people do too. Cos the truth is, Fear is actually what limits us most times, not the elements involved. Thanks a whole lot for your lovely comment.

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      • I need to hear this more often and will remember it everyday because I am fearful every single day but I carry on anyway so I need to be bold and have that audacity to spit in the face of fear…

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