AREWA 1 (Poem)



You called my name

In the dead of my night

You spoke my pain

With relief to decease

You eased my heart

With the melody of your embrace…



You know me,

But yet you don’t

You see me,

But yet you don’t


My nightingale, my song

The soothing oil that scars .


You see the words lying between the lines

But you’re lost in your fury

The consummation of your world

Rides upon the sight of your knowledge


You fight to end this war

And bring calm to our hut

But your armour is as strong as a weak child

Your spear pierces deep my weariness


With hope I long for you

With peace I reach for you

Castle gates open wide

Clock ticks but till dawn.


my Arewa

one thing is for sure,

wherever the wind blows

we shall smile again.

To be continued…


Read  the next part, Arewa 2 here


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