It hurts my heart the measure of intense damage and deep hurt that is caused by the negligence of certain systems to the issue of rape, abuse, molestation of whatever sort. rape human_trafficking_rape
In our selfish pursuit of self gratification and carelessness we have abandoned our sisters, children, spouses, etc to be prey of inhumane molesters, and worst of all, after the deed is done, no one to fight for them. No one to help ease their agony, they’re left with scarred memories, many times with terrible medical and mental damage, to say the least.
And then when they evolve into unacceptable patterns of living, we point accusative fingers , and call them names, not knowing where they’re coming from. Not knowing the scars that hunt their memories and the hopelessness that rides on their every breathe.

No wrong is worthy of justification but before we open our mouth to call others names, for their supposed imperfect lifestyles or wrong actions, we should begin with a thorough self examination. What then is the way forward?

As far as i know, IT BEGINS WITH ME, IT BEGINS WITH YOU. I’l drop my pen here, with hope that you’d care enough to think about it.rape rape


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