Dear You,

Dear You,dear you summer ice

I just want to say Good morning, and Good morning for real.

Today is gonna be better than every other day in the past. And I’m committed to making sure of that.

I’ve realized that i’ve gradually lost touch with who I really am, and the supposed essence and process of my existence. I’ve groped and hoped , yet continually leaned on my dying senses. I’ve paced and raced and slipped and crashed. I submitted my heart to confusion and pain& recklessly abandoned my soul in the fiery arms of dark hunting shadows. It’s enough of that and I’m taking my life back.

I’m determined to do something about it, though I know it might not be easy neither will success be instant. So please bear with my rough strides, but be rest assured, God is working on me and though it’s hard to understand but I’m committed to sticking through the process all the way. You probably don’t understand any of this, but please don’t undermine my words.

Thanks for bearing with my complications so far. Can’t assure you of too much, but I’ll do my best to be a better me.

You deserve a better me, though you may not understand how. I Love you and always will.

Yours Sincerely,



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