StarLight. I just know…


The hands that reach out to me
Seeking to help
Think I’m complacent, refusing help
but only if you see
how high I stretch my hands
but I’m too deep to be seen

I’m glad I’ve got them though
it used to be so lonely
their presence now,
though too far to understand,
gives hope to live again.

The pain, the fight, the struggle
tells me I am not able
but though it sinks me deep
I’ll stretch until I break

I want to see the light
I know it’s there somewhere
but how to get it out
my soul cannot explain.

I’m sinking , yes I know
but I won’t let go this time.
for  I know the thoughts for me
are more than I can feel.

Like a virus spreading deep
a wild fire rages within my depths
pain inside my bones
Yet I smile like all is well
with hope I try to reach
for a part of me I choose to believe
tells me, yet again

& I CAN BEAT this thing…

From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


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