I’ve been Awarded! My Sunshine Award 2015!

sunshine-awardI’m so delighted to receive this beautiful award from a really wonderful lady who is a pack full of inspiration, Nena. She truly shines her light and has  been a great epitome of sunshine .  To me, she’s wonderful, and i’m so glad she’s a part of my experience.Do check out her lovely site as well, younfolded.com . Thank you so much Nena for this nomination, and for all your love and support so far.


– Thank the person/people who nominated you
– Answer the questions from your nominators.
– Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Questions from Nena:

1) Besides your current occupation, what would be your ideal profession?

Living my dream, yay! It’s a really multi-faceted one and i won’t want to bug you with the intricacies, but in summary, the central idea is en-grafted in touching lives.


2) What fictional character do you identify with?

  • Elsa the Snow Queen in Frozen.
  • Anna.  Though these two possess not quite similar personalities, but i totally identify with their both sides.

3) Try looking up the meaning of your name and share what it is. If not, what is the story behind how you were named.

Folaranmi- a name of Yoruba descent meaning, influence me with Greatness.

Shekoyhinami- A direct Ibillo translation of the name, Folaranmi.

Egbemolimi – a name of Ibillo descent meaning, my Joy is full.

Gertrude – a German name meaning, Strong Spear, or Spear of Strenght.

Spelling this out, actually got me thinking in ways i can’t explain. Thanks Nena!


4) What food would you not eat, under any circumstances?

I’m not that picky, but any food that doesn’t look good, would most likely not go any close to my mouth. I really dislike eating ogbono{ a native soup from Nigeria}, and would usually never ever eat it, even it was the last thing available. Though its a really nice soup, it just never catches my interest. Just to add, Nigerian native dishes are fabulous, you should try them!

5) What was the last picture you took with your phone?

mmmn…? That got me thinking hard. This just brings to mind the fact that it’s been quite a while since i last took a picture with my phone.  Oh yes!, the last one i took was at my office desk one lovely morning just after i arrived at the office {i had to check my phone for that expo}. And don’t even start thinking i’m some camera hating kind. i totally love pictures, just got so occupied i lost track of photo taking. I should take one soon. Thanks for the reminder Nena.

6) When was your last vacation and what did you do?

That would be, some months back when i went to whispering palms in Badagry with my fiance and some friends. We went to run a pre-wedding photo shoot for them. I went there without expecting much, and it turned out to be super fun! i loved every bit of it.

7) If you could live in a book, movie, or TV show, what would it be?

Maybe, Frozen.


8) If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

Definitely the Future! I know the future holds so much for me, i can’t wait to get there.

9) How would your best friends describe you in one word?

I wish i knew…

10) What fad or trend do you think needs to be gone forever?

Sagging,  and a host of others.

11) What question do you hate to answer?

So where are you? {when someone i barely know or have just recently met, demands such information from me on a phone call, It just totally puts me off}.

Once again, Nena , You’re a darling. Thanks a whole Lot for this nomination. You Rock!

Now, brace up. It’s my turn to know some more about my community. I wish i could nominate more people, i’ll love to know more about fellow eagles, but a rule’s a rule.

I now nominate the following bloggers for the Sunshine Award:

My Questions

  • What is your dream / purpose for life?
  • What are your interests, passion, hobbies etc?
  • What name/names do you love to be called the most and why?
  • Where are you from, and tell us a little about the place?
  • What do you think about Marriage?
  • What things do you love the most ?
  • What would you love to be given as a gift, irrespective of its possibility?
  • Do you have fears , if yes, what are they?
  • What do you think about your life?
  • How do you handle challenges/difficulties/ hurts?
  • If you were given a chance to make one request and it’ll be granted no matter what it is, what would your request be?
  • {Special Request} I love you and i want you to be happy always, no matter the storms you encounter, by not allowing your situations weigh you down, because you are Great and the world needs you. Would you do that for me?

i can’t wait to hear your responses and get to know you even better.

Much Love.


16 thoughts on “I’ve been Awarded! My Sunshine Award 2015!

  1. I understand your feeling uncomfortable with someone asking where you are, when you hardly know them or if there is no logical reason for them to ask. When someone makes you uncomfortable with questions like this I would take it as a red flag. Also do not feel obligated to respond in the way they want you to,

    Just because someone asks you something does not make you obligated to answer at all….or to answer in the manner that they want.

    You could say “I am taking care of some things I had to do today” ..which is more an answer to the question What are you doing.

    Then see what they do. If they were just fumbling to start a conversation then they will go on to the next thing. If they say “Yeah, but where are you” then they are intentionally crossing a boundary that you just made clear you did want crossed by the way you answered the question the first time. Then I would text “I am busy. I cant text right now”

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  2. 1. My dream in purpose in life is to help people face challenges and be happy. I live to give hope to the hopeless.

    2. My interests and passion are sharing my story to encourage others, leading people to get intimate with God and doing my job as best as I can.

    3. I love to be called Grace. I’m a product of God’s grace.

    4.I’m from Cameroon in West Africa. We are a small peaceful and peace-loving nation still struggling to get really democratic. We are called Africa in miniature.

    5. Marriage is ordained by God and everything God made is good. But some times we mess up even the good things of life. we need love, endurance and perseverance to succeed in marriage.

    6. I love good food, good people and good dresses. I love shopping for good stuff when I can afford it.

    7. Life is a chance to do something great and we have the opportunity to choose the kind of life we live. We must make the best of all the golden opportunities that life brings our way. Give every passing minute something to keep for tomorrow.

    8. I’m a fighter; that’s why I’m a survivor. I do not like difficulties, challenges and hurts, but when they come they will find me waiting because I’ve been fighting as far back as I can remember. I’ve learned to “let go and let God”. I’ve learned the importance of forgiving others and also forgiving myself.

    9. If I had a chance to make that lofty request I’ll ask God too stop all the suffering in the world no matter what it will cause Him. I’ll also ask Him to get rid of all snakes. I hate those things. They scare the guts out of me.

    10. I promise to be happy in spite of me ( the title of one of my recent post). Yes, I’ll pursue happiness like treasure under the ocean. I have a right to it. I have the responsibility to do so.

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    • Thanks so much! i’m so glad you did it. I’m really sorry, i wasn’t able to check back on time, cos things have been so overwhelming.
      Grace is such a perfect name, and God’s Grace will continually enable you to remain victorious and truly happy forever! Thanks again.
      All the Best and More!


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