And Her Three year old Son Said…

…“No they didn’t mommy, they hurt my body, but they didn’t hurt me. I am fine. God was giving them a test, and they didn’t pass it. You don’t need to worry mommy, I am not hurt.”…


Last week I talked a lot about being fully present and active in your life.

I talked about letting go of fear,

taking responsibility,

and forgiveness.

Today, I really want to hone in on just how important forgiveness is to living a healthy and productive life.

I was first faced with the issue of forgiveness on a really GRAND scale when my son was abused by his father and his uncle.

I was filled with rage!

They had stolen my son from me!

Sure, He was still alive, and I could hold him in my arms, but the sweet little  boy who was full of wonder and joy, was gone. In his place was a terrified, angry little monster.

People kept telling me that my anger was justified.

This added more fuel to my fire.

As my anger grew, so did my fear and depression.

I am certain that I…

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