Africonomie Africa Corporate Art Prelude

Africonomie Africa Corporate Art Prelude

This is my Dream.

A longing to see deep hearted smiles

On your face,

Yes, you.

And the faces of children,

people, families all over the world.

We all need each other,

we all have something to give

Something to live for

Something our hearts truly desire,

Fulfillment that never lacks

Everyone living up to their full potentials

Truly living, soaring, not just struggling

Thriving not merely striving.

Soaring above

Illnesses, Depression, Poverty,

Frustration, Lack, Insecurity, Confusion, Oppression, Fear…

Evolving from phase to phase

And making a difference.

This is my dream!

The one I sleep into at night

and by day, alas! it wakes me up again

The one my heart truly desires

keeping me pushing

Unsatisfied with merely longing for the world’s biggest luxuries

A desire burning deep,

To see joy blossoming through the weeds of struggle,

Lips that speak life and not death

Hands that paint beauty and not depression

Hearts that hold Love and not Strife.

The joy of passion and fulfillment,

Replacing emptiness and vagueness.

This  is my DREAM!

So diverse yet so precise.

And I’m life assured to fulfill it.

And as I do please take a walk with me,

on the journey of Passion with Hope to Fulfillment.

Enliven your Uniqueness

Live your dream

The world needs you and I!

You need You and I

I need you and I

There is an ultimate plan

And your part in it

Makes it all complete

Whether it looks like it or not

 – Summer-Ice© 

My Heartfelt Gratitude To Stanley Austin, Partner at Africonomie for sharing the beautiful painting pictured above, hereby granting me the avenue to discover it.

 And to Mayowa Ajagunna for painting this remarkable work of Art! 

All, the Best and More ♥

your life is a message an inspiration an instrument. All the Best and More!♥

{Special Thanks to Gt Bank, for warming my heart of Inspiration with this quote}


4 thoughts on “MY DREAM !

  1. The artwork so beautifully captures the expression of laughter and joy:) Such a touching post to go with it;)
    “Lips that speak life and not death
    Hands that paint beauty and not sorrow
    Hearts that hold Love and not Strife.”
    – My favorite part!

    Liked by 1 person

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