TGIF? What’s The Point of Life Anyway?!

Really,  What’s The Point of Life?


I was already preparing to come out and say TGIF! once again , bUT hERE I AM saying TGIF! where’s my phone?!

On my way to work this morning, i lost something very importan. my phone! it got missing and it hurts! It hurts even more cos it contains several VIP documents and contacts that aren’t backed up . I can’t say i don’t know what to do, but the truth is, i’m not sure i do, yea, i know i should smile and shake it off. i’m trying but its hard cos when i need those files, it’ll hurt even more, and i’l definitely need something from that phone everyday.

Yea, so that’s it, miss inspiration gets hurt too. But i can’t just but face the facts, life is life, and life happens. So what’s the point of life? Why all the challenges and headaches and wars, hating, accidents, loss, death etc What’s the point of fighting to survive when life never gives up throwing bullets at you?

Well , i wish i had all the answers, but i don’t. But one thing i’m certainly certain of is, Life is Life , and Life must HAPPEN.

 And when the going gets tough, the tough has got to get going!

 And this is the reality of the matter ↓

Don't worryPicsArt_1407059030252

Though i feel so terrible but even thankful that it wasn’t something worse that happened. And with every experience i’ve had to deal with , no matter how bad it was, i came through, because God ensured it. so why would i give up now? why should you give up now? Reality is, it hurts, yes, and nobody understands how painful the consequences could be, but don’t give in DEPRESSION. It’ll only steal more and more from you.

Life is Life , and Life must HAPPEN.

 And when the going gets tough, the tough has got to get going! So i gotta get going. PEACE!


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