An Open Letter To The Media About Beauty

“Beauty Is By My Definition, Passion that touches lives And brings true Fulfillment.”

                                                                                                                                – Summer-Ice…


Dear Media,

Remember that confident little girl who said she’d be an architect?

She stopped drawing.

She thought one day, “What am I drawing for…

when I can design a new and improved body…

when I can be beautiful.”

“Why waste my time with these lines

when I’m not valued for my talents and intellect?”

“Why be a leader?”

“Why be a dreamer

if my worth is going to be measured by my breast size?”

She crumpled up

Her passion

like the paper

she threw away

when you told her beauty was in

flawless skin, straight hair

That she was wasting time

in her drawing chair

She tirelessly edited and erased


Her ambition

She picked and fried and waxed

until she was too tired to draw

even if she wanted to anymore

People complimented

her frail frame

and finally told her, “You’re beautiful!”

The attention she never got

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