Some of the healthiest, maybe even wealthiest, happiest or maybe “unnecessary” looking people are going through huge challenges in their lives, that you may never guess. BE A RELIEF PILL NOT A DEATH PILL.

Truth is, if we want some spark in our lives, we have to share some out to others. Like those we pass by everyday, those we come across and may never meet again, those we live with, those who probably even hate you. Some people act crazy because they’re terribly frustrated with life, not really because of whatever they’re acting up over.

You think you have nothing to give, what about your smile? What about those kind words? What about truly starting to care instead of just pretending to care? What about not treating people like they don’t matter. They may not matter to you,but they matter to life. So help them stay alive.

Recently, i did some self- examination. and i realized that we think of great things in terms of Common big definitions of GREAT, and while we’re waiting for BIG OPPORTUNITIES, BIG OPPORTUNITIES are passing us by everyday.

Thinking about this, the story of a poor woman in the bible comes to mind, while others showed off their wealth and gave huge donations, she probably wished in her heart, “if only i had enough to give”. But she didn’t just stop at wishing, she went ahead to give the little she had which was nothing compared to the millions others had rolled out. And guess what Jesus said, He said, she gave the most! because, she gave all she had. And she didn’t care that it might not count to them.

No one might appreciate your sacrifice, but don’t let the opportunity pass without giving your best.

I’m still on beginners level in my learning to touch lives with mine, and i’m tired of waiting till i get the chance i want to do so, tired of getting discouraged when things fall apart. I’m going to continue from where i am, and i know the journey is a tough one, but i’m determined to go all the way.

Wish me Great Luck! i’m going to need a lot of it!



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